LifeStyle Homes has developed a reputation for technical innovation and cutting-edge energy-efficient homes. Matched with their stylish designs, this industry edge has made them one of the leading homebuilders in the area.

Following national trends in energy and environmental conservation helped guide the development of their LifeStyle SunSmart energy-saving homes, which they launched over 10 years ago.

Now, they are writing a new chapter in their homebuilding evolution with the introduction of LifeStyle HealthSmart homes.

“The concept for LifeStyle HealthSmart is something that our team had been discussing for quite some time. Pre-COVID, our discussions circled around a modern family’s desire to shield themselves—and especially their children—from as many pollutants, toxins, and harmful chemicals as possible, whether that is through consuming organic foods or purchasing all-natural products,” said Karen Kicinski, one of LifeStyle’s owners and the marketing director for the organization.

When the pandemic hit, the LifeStyle team decided to accelerate their pace in getting the healthy home program off the ground. For the past year, respiratory health has been at the top of everyone’s minds, while concurrently, people are spending more time at home.

“The timing for LifeStyle HealthSmart felt right,” added Jordan Luhn, CEO. “We have the knowledge and capabilities to build healthier, cleaner, safer, and more comfortable homes for our customers, so our concentration shifted that way.”

Healthy Homes through Collaboration

The LifeStyle team attends several high-performance homebuilding conferences and workshops to make sure they remain at the forefront of innovative homebuilding techniques and practices. They are also part of a group comprised of non-competing, leading high-performance builders from around the U.S. and Canada which convenes online monthly to discuss best practices for high-performance homebuilding.

Through discussions and data sharing with these industry leaders, LifeStyle HealthSmart was conceived. From there, the individual, health-focused components of HealthSmart were assembled by LifeStyle’s operations and construction executives, who have practical field knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in our Florida climate.

LifeStyle HealthSmart is comprised of 14 “breathe easy and live healthier” innovations. The program launched in October 2020, and the response has been entirely positive. In fact, several customers whose homes were contracted before the launch have inquired about adding on the healthy home package.

Technology for Better Living

LifeStyle HealthSmart technologies include items like an air purifying MERV 11 filter with UV light. A MERV filter is a highly efficient fine HVAC filter that essentially captures, dilutes, and removes virus-containing particles from the air. The higher the MERV rating, the greater number of particles it captures. The germicidal UV light kills unwanted airborne microorganisms.

Another example is humidity-sensing technology which eliminates the manual process of removing moisture from your home. For example, you may have teenagers who do not think to turn on the bath fan after a shower. A humidity-sensing bath fan will sense the moisture in the air then automatically turn on and rid the bathroom of excess humidity that can cause mold and mildew, which can eventually lead to respiratory health issues.

While LifeStyle Homes specializes in new construction, Kicinski commented that there are several things any homeowner can do to make their existing home healthier as well.

“While many of the LifeStyle HealthSmart features are ‘behind the walls,’ (in other words they are designed into new homes), probably the easiest way for existing homeowners to make their homes healthier is by reevaluating their finishes. Carpets, for example, trap dust, dirt, pollens, pet dander, and more. Replacing carpets with tile, laminate, or hardwood makes it much easier to clean these pollutants from your home,” she said.

Also, she advised, if you’re repainting your home’s interior, do so with zero VOC (volatile organic compound) paints. These paints don’t release the amount of toxic chemicals that regular paints do, making them much safter for your family’s health and well-being. Last, but not least, replace your air filters regularly with new, clean filters for proper filtration and optimal HVAC performance.

LifeStyle Homes is located at 3453 W. New Haven Avenue, West Melbourne. For more information, or 321-727-8188.

Eric Wright
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