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It’s Never Too Late to Feel Young and Strong


Club Performax offers a personal touch to working out.   When Laurie Rivers decided it was time to lose weight  — not for an upcoming vacation, or a class reunion, but for herself  — she checked out three different local…


Life Goal #8


Bucket lists, dream boards, New Year’s resolutions, journals, Pinterest.  Most people have a place that they keep goals they want to accomplish in their lifetime.  I was always a “list” person.  I used to write lists of what my lists…


Healthy Eating


As I have pointed out before, healthy eating is much less daunting if you approach it with the perspective that you aren’t dieting, you are making healthy choices.  Fad diets are often appealing because they can have quick results (and…


Running 101


With the Space Coast Marathon and Half-Marathon on the horizon, a post about long-distance running seemed appropriate.  I am by no means a professional runner or athlete, but running is what I love to do, and I have learned some…


Eat to Live: What Not to Do


 In 1987, my family was planning a move from upstate New York to Tennessee.  As I was not even 3 yet, I didn’t have much say in the matter, but my mom still asked what I thought about moving to…


Fitness During the Holidays


Halloween Parties.  Thanksgiving Dinners.  Christmas Gatherings.  New Year’s Eve Bashes.  What do they all have in common?  FOOD.  And not usually of the healthy persuasion.  I used to think, “Oh well, I’ll just start fresh with diet and exercise in…


Fitness Faux Pas: Lessons from a Hot Mess


I have had some interesting, somewhat embarrassing experiences along the way, in my efforts to be active and try new things.  Of course by “somewhat embarrassing,” I mean, “I’m a hot mess.”  Read on, you’ll see. 1. Super Bowl Tumble…




I received an email this week from a woman who was frustrated, struggling and ready to give up on her weight loss journey.  She was looking on the internet and just happened to read my previous post “If I Can Do…


Exercise Essentials


Exercise always sounds good in my head, “Oh, today I need to run 15 miles, no big deal.” (This was my exact thought just this past Sunday.).  Well, 3.5 miles into the run, 11.5 more sounded like a bigger deal…


Don’t Like Your Life? Change It.


 “Do you even know where the gym is?” That was my college roommate’s response to me after I turned down yet another invitation to join her at the campus gym.  Obviously, exercise has not always been at the top of…