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A Giant Leap in Healthcare


Parrish Medical Center is the first in the United States to be awarded Integrated Care Certification from The Joint Commission, the nation’s premier healthcare accrediting body. According to The Joint Commission, integrated care certification recognizes that Parrish Medical Center is…


Parrish Medical Center Named to 2016 Top 100 SafeCare Hospitals® List


 TITUSVILLE, FLA. (Feb. 24, 2016) —A just-released ranking of America’s safest hospitals places Parrish Medical Center at No. 17 in the survey’s 100-400 beds category. The SafeCare Group’s  2016 ‘Top 100 SafeCare Hospitals®’ listing named PMC–a Parrish Healthcare integrated care…


Diabetes: Five Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle


1. Take care of your feet. Take care of your feet. Foot problems are more common and develop more quickly in people who have Type 2 diabetes. With daily foot care, you will detect problems early. Check your feet every…


Good Sleep, Good Health


By Community Services at Parrish Medical Center  The Parrish Sleep Disorders Center of Port St. John can study and diagnose a wide range of sleep disorders How many hours of sleep do you need? There isn’t one number that quantifies…


Breathe Well During the Holidays


By Community Services at Parrish Medical Center Learn How to Use a Spacer for Your Asthma or COPD Inhaler The holidays can bring more family and friends into your life. But at the same time, controlling your asthma or chronic…


Listen to Your Brain and Body


Learning the signs of stroke and acting FAST could save your life or a loved one’s  By: Daniela Rusovici, MD, PhD, board-certified neurologist and a member of Parrish Medical Group. Q: What causes a stroke? A:A stroke is often called…


Uncover the Grocery “Code”


Picking the right groceries could save your life Modern grocery stores are designed to appeal to your senses — and make you hungry. Everything is strategically placed, from the colorful flowers and plants to the bakery to the snack foods….


Understanding Your Health Just Got Easier


By: Parrish Medical Center Feeling scared or nervous about your upcoming procedure? Do you find it hard to manage your chronic condition? Many patients have the same concerns. Parrish Medical Center believes the more information you have about your care,…


Addressing the dental care epidemic


Health care organizations partner to understand why routine dental care is inaccessible to a significant portion of Brevard residents Recent data collected from area health care organizations concerned about restricted community access to oral care services for residents returned dismal…