They only require watering once the soil is completely dry, approximately once a week, and the succulents I keep on my windowsill have weathered my forgetfulness for weeks at a time. They are also able to thrive in most conditions, making them a great candidate for a spot in your wall garden. If you are just beginning your plant journey, look no further for an easy, do-it-yourself way to get started.

Succulent wall

Why Succulents?

Succulents have benefits outside being able to withstand a black thumb. Plants produce oxygen during photosynthesis, but most respire carbon dioxide when the sun isn’t out. Succulents, however, produce oxygen throughout the night and cleanse the air of volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde. 

Start Building!

The landscaping fabric will be used to fill in the open sections of the pallet. Place the fabric over a section and push it in so that there is enough slack. Cut this section accordingly and repeat with each part of your garden (or use your first cut as a template). 

Hold the fabric down, ensure that there is enough fabric to fill the section, and use the staple gun to secure its placement. Cut away the excess, pack your soil into the wells, and get to planting! 

Rockledge Gardens recommends that a commercially mixed soil is used to allow the water to drain properly for succulents. The soil should be completely dried out before the plant is watered again, and keep in mind that the most common problem is overwatering. 

Though this project was created with succulents in mind, opt for the herbs normally bought at the grocery store. I grow basil and rosemary in my kitchen, and succulents in my bedroom. Happy planting! ◆ 

Succulent garden
Casey Wilkerson