The sun is out, the air is warm, and, we know you are crushing those fitness resolutions. Here are five simple ways to boost your workout and feel energized.

Eating the “good” fats:

Foods like eggs, avocado, nuts and oily fish actually promote feelings of fullness throughout the day and help reduce the hormone cortisol, which is associated with stress and fat storage. Next time you go out, be sure to get the salmon!

Cardio: ►

hen it comes to toning the body, getting rid of excess fat, and showing off your hard-earned muscles, there is no substitute for a good cardio session. Running, biking, jump-training, and swimming are all fantastic ways to fire up the metabolism and burn calories. Try to get at least 30-45 minutes five days a week for best results.

◄ Drinking coffee:

Aside from the caffeine benefits that can aid your workout, coffee increases the body’s metabolic rate by up to 13 percent.

▼ Working the abs:

Planking, leg raises, crunches and sit ups are just a few of the exercises that will help strengthen and tone your core.

 Working the leg muscles:

The legs are the largest muscle group in the human body. Giving your legs a good workout not only helps to create great tone but also helps burn fat throughout your whole body. Leg-presses, deadlifts, lunges and squats are some of the most effective exercises for building leg muscles. Squats have the added benefit of shaping your abs in addition to being a great leg workout.

Landon Morley

Landon Morley is a Florida native with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology with Honors from University of Central Florida. He is a freelance writer and former Rock Paper Simple intern who has contributed to Space Coast Living since December 2018. In his free time, Landon writes and produces rock/electronic music, podcasts, and soundtracks. You can follow him on Instagram at landonmorley93.