Stay Warm, Reconnect, Make Love

By Vanessa Billingsley, Fountain of You Wellness Writer

If soft leather boots, cozy layered cardigans, oversized bags, and stylish belts are your only source of pleasure this holiday season, you may have a problem. We are human beings, after all. We need to genuinely love and be loved. We require affection, touch, and real emotional connection. We should never take it lightly if we find that we are no longer in touch with our sexuality. Loss of libido, or a general feeling of disconnect are only warning signs that your body’s systems are off balance. Fountain of You invites you to check out the following ways to stay warm by cranking up the heat this winter:

Get your Hormones in Balance

If you start wondering where your sex-drive went, why making love doesn’t feel good anymore, or why your body isn’t “working right”, it is definitely time to get your hormone levels checked.  A cascade of hormonal communication occurs every time you breathe, so imagine what must occur to have a successful intimate relationship. Since hormones are the chemical messengers in our bodies, they are responsible for many interactions between cells and therefore between organs. A great many women and men benefit substantially from bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for treatment. Aging, menopause, andropause, adrenal fatigue, thyroid insufficiency, or other disharmony within the body can cause hormone levels to reach uncomfortable lows. If you want to keep your body running with youthful vibrancy and vigor, you have to make sure those hormones are at optimal levels.

Don’t Overeat

It is so tough to stay away from junk food and over-sized meals this time of year. But nothing saps libido like that bloated feeling after over-indulging. It’s much easier to avoid those sugar traps and endless piles of mashed potatoes when you have a clear vision of how you want to feel and look like when the late evening arrives. And don’t underestimate the power of healthy food and supplements. They add to your body’s ability to perform its normal tasks without any glitches. When you take the time to make healthy lifestyle choices and treat your body with the respect it deserves, having a positive self-image comes naturally.

De-stress and Reconnect

We live in a high-stress, over-stimulated society. This can be a major obstacle to overcome when it comes to a healthy sex life. Chronic psychological stress wreaks havoc on the body’s delicate balancing act. This may include the disturbance of high quality sleep patterns and overtaxing of the adrenal-endocrine system. Learn to de-stress with breathing techniques, meditation, faith-based practices, and physical exercise like yoga, walking, or cycling. Calming the body and mind is a key to finding balance and reconnecting with your partner.For many couples, the desire for intimacy is directly related to the quality of their emotional connection. Take time for relaxing conversation, remembering just what it was that brought the two of you together in the first place.

It’s a Mental Game

Don’t let cultural views on sexiness get in the way of your own unique gifts. Much of what we call sex appeal comes from within. You can be your “best you” by encouraging balance of body, mind, and spirit.  You don’t have to posses the body dimensions of a mannequin (who lives her boring life in a window) to please and excite your partner.  A healthy, confident person radiates sexiness.

A strong, satisfying love life is a key component to a healthy, happy life. Your sexuality is a gift. Don’t let it go without a fight. So, when you’re making your way through the crowd at the next sale event for the boots of your dreams, don’t forget . . . you might want to check out the sale in lingerie too!