By: Ryan Randall

When you see their name, “CurbPro,” you may only think about their namesake – quality concrete landscape curbing. With a large selection of colors, heights and stamps to shape your flower beds, or create a barrier along a section of the yard,  concrete landscape curbing is a staple of the company that will accentuate your house and lawn. However, there is more to the company than just curbing. CurbPro offers a complete set of services to ensure your lawn is spectacular.

CurbPro installs pavers in a number of styles. If you are looking for an old-world style, they can assist you with a classic design. Looking for something more contemporary? The company can create something modern for your home. CurbPro offers multiple paver colors and designs and installs on many outdoor areas, such as outdoor kitchens, fire pits, patios, driveways and walkways. In addition to installing pavers, they offer services to preserve the look of your walkway, driveway, sidewalk or fence via pressure washing. As dirt attaches to the surface of a house or walkway over time, the aesthetics of your house can be drastically altered. Pressure washing is a great way to ensure your home always looks pristine.

One Company, Many Options

If you’re looking to establish a landscape at a new home or replace one at your current residence, CurbPro has full landscape design and installation options. Whether it’s a minor enhancement or full overhaul, their crew of professional landscapers work closely with their customers throughout the entire process to deliver the best possible results. The company has dedicated specialists in lawn maintenance, equipment operations and architectural designs. CurbPro’s landscape installations include plant and tree installation, as well as sod delivery and installation. By having the company install plants, trees and sod, the homeowner is spared the process of researching which plants to use, the physical labor involved, as well as the cost of selecting individual foliage. Currently, CurbPro offers St. Augustine and Bahia sod. The company thoroughly preps every yard before sod installation, ensuring that it is done properly and with the best possible results.

CurbPro’s installations are detailed yet easy to maintain for the homeowner, providing value in the process. In addition to landscape installation, they offer debris removal, whether to set up a new landscape or to rid an already established area of weeds, dead trees, roots and overgrown shrubbery.

Once CurbPro has installed a landscape, a great way to accentuate it and increase security is to utilize CurbPro’s landscape lighting. In addition to enhancing the landscape, the lighting increases resale value of the home. There are a variety of lighting styles available, including LED and energy-efficient fixtures that can save money on energy bills. The solid cast bronze fixtures can be Bluetooth and smartphone operated and CurbPro has the ability to create individual landscape zones with that lighting.

When setting a landscape, one consideration is the materials to be used in the plant and flower beds. CurbPro offers rock and mulch installation, and both have benefits to your landscape. Mulch retains moisture and helps keep plants roots cool, which is beneficial due to Florida’s heat. While rocks get hotter than mulch in the summer, they are more of a permanent solution and can provide additional texture for a garden or yard.

As seen through the many services offered, CurbPro professionals dedicated to providing service as premier as your landscape, making CurbPro your one-stop place for your outdoor needs is a valuable decision. 

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