Laraine Schultz

by: Michelle Salyer

52, Palm Bay. Branch Manager and Financial Advisor with Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC, Melbourne Office. Married to Jay Schultz and Mother of Kristen, 24 and Jennifer, 21; Grandmother of Bailey, 18 months.

For Laraine Schultz and Jay, her husband of 30 years, life has taken an unexpected but extremely satisfying turn. The couple assumed they would be empty nesters by now, but instead made the choice to help raise their granddaughter, Bailey.“A different direction in Jennifer’s life changed our lives, but it’s still a very good direction,” said Schultz. “Jay and I are from the era of the traditional family model and now embrace the new extended family that we have become.” This isn’t the first time her life has taken an unexpected but welcome turn. A former personnel director for the Pittsburgh television station that produced the Mr. Rogers Neighborhood show, Schultz entered the investment planning industry at the urging of a friend 26 years ago, a career path she is now helping her daughters to follow.Kristen, a graduate of the University of Central Florida, works as a Service Associate with Charles Schwab, while Jennifer is beginning her junior year studying finance.  In the meantime, the young grandmother is earning her mortgage license. “It’s always a challenge to continue our education while working full-time and raising a family with the children and grandchildren,” she reflected, “but education is definitely a priority for us.”