Julie Cole

By: Michelle Salyer

40, Suntree. Chair, Parks & Recreation for Suntree Homeowners Association. Married to Greg Cole. Mother of Adam, 10 and Justin, 6.

Those who live in Suntree might recognize Julie Cole. “We’re the crazy parents that are playing laser tag, hiding in the bushes,” she joked.” We’re always outside playing with our kids. My happiest times are when we’re playing in the yard together.”

But Cole is even better known for her work for the Suntree community, where she has been the driving force behind the installation of solar shades at Spyglass and Interlachen Parks and has planned countless neighbor-hood events.“My husband and I don’t believe in the attitude of ‘Let someone else do it.’ If we want it for our kids or for our community, we don’t mind rolling up our sleeves and doing the work to make it happen.

”Although finding the balance between being a mom and organizing events for thousands of neighbors is sometimes tough, admitted Cole, every last task is done with her kids in mind.“It’s something that we want to impart to our children to be active in the community that they live in. I want them to know that we were involved in things they were interested in and that we were always there, supporting them in their interests.”