Sony Brings TV to Life with Bravia Series

Television sets have come a long way since Ricky yelled “Lucy I’m Home”; from big screen to flat screen, from dial to wireless remote, television keeps up with the times, and sometimes defines the future. In 2010 Sony and Panasonic introduced 3-D televisions into our living rooms, giving us the ability to enjoy big-screen features in our pajamas. The Sony Bravia series offers a variety of television choices, allowing consumers to transition to the new world of TV with ease.

Cost: $1,599 – $4,499

For the Entertainer

3D TV’s are more than just eye-popping images; they bring a whole new dimension of entertainment into your living room.

  • Bravia Screen size ranges from  40”to 60”, allowing you to customize the TV to your living space.
  • A number of Bravia televisions offer internet connectivity, allowing you to browse the web with your remote control, and play that funny recital video you posted on Facebook for friends and family.
  • The Bravia series is Blu-Ray compatible, and with many of your favorite 3-D movies coming to Blu-Ray you will be ready to entertain!
  • Sleek designs bring a modern edge to your décor, enhancing your living space while providing the newest entertainment possibilities.
  • The 3D world of sports; many sporting events, such The World Cup will be aired in 3D, allowing for the ultimate experience in home sporting entertainment.

Keep your eyes…on the glasses

-Many TV’s only come with 2 pairs of 3D enhancing glasses, which is not ideal for entertaining. Try your savvy shopping skills out by negotiating with the representative to include two more. Many stores will want to make the sale, allowing you to have some purchasing power!

How it works

Sony uses TVs with high refresh rates, allowing two images, one for the left eye and one for the right eye to alternate at 240 hertz. This combined with a sensor on the “Active Glasses” connects the images making them come to life.