Masa Taqueria Y Cantina puts a modern twist on its authentic, Mexican cuisine.

Masa Taqueria Y Cantina is an authentic Mexican culinary gem in Indian Harbour Beach. The menu is diverse, and with offerings that include everything from street tacos to wet burritos, there is a little something for everyone to enjoy. We wanted to know more about the menu, so we sat down with Masa’s executive chef Nycole Promoe and owner Colin Jones to learn more about the source of their delicious ideas.

As the name implies, the story begins with the word, ‘Masa.’ In Latin American cuisine, Masa is the dough that is made from corn flour and used for tortillas, tamales, etc. After traveling to Mexico and other large food hubs across America including Austin, Texas and Denver, Colorado, owners Jones and Douglas Walker decided that they wanted to pay homage to the tradition of Mexican cuisine but also wanted to add modern techniques and a fusion style. To accomplish this, they began with the masa.

Masa sources its blue corn straight from Mexico. True to the art form of Mexican cooking, the kitchen sends it through a 24-hour process of soaking, dehusking and grinding with Molino stones before the tortillas are freshly pressed and served. “When it comes out fresh, and you can press and get it toasty and get that fresh bread or fresh tortilla smell, it’s fantastic,” said Jones.

Masa Fancy Tacos
Fancy Tacos Photography by Harmony Lynn Goodson

The small street-style tacos are a must if you want to try Masa’s blue corn tortillas. The chefs have ensured that the flavors of the meats perfectly complement the flavor of the blue corn, and though the street tacos are small (we recommend getting three or four), they are mighty and packed with big flavor; homemade salsas and sauces can be tasted in every bite. Of course, for those who are not a fan of blue corn, Masa also offers white corn tortillas and flour tortillas. Both the process and the size of the tacos pay homage to more traditional methods of Mexican cuisine.

photography by Harmony Lynn Goodson

In regard to adding a more modern flair to the traditional methods, the chefs are allowed to experiment with flavor and bring something new to the table. Take their Chicken Mole for example: Chef Nycole, who shared she typically dislikes Mole, took the time to experiment with flavor to create something she would enjoy eating, and by extension, her guests. Masa’s Chicken Mole is not quite as sweet as traditionalists may be accustomed to, but it was a flavor more modern, and to some, more enjoyable. Even take a look at the street tacos, which contain fun sauces not typically found in traditional Mexican fare. Masa also offers Elotes (Mexican street corn) off the cob as a side dish, and while just as delicious as your typical Elotes, it’s much easier to consume.

If you love the idea of the street tacos but want something a bit bigger, we recommend the “fancy tacos,” as they are much larger than the street tacos and showcase Masa’s more modern techniques. If you want something tried and true, order their fajitas, which are big enough to share, though you certainly don’t have to. These larger dishes are packed with flavor to delight the senses.

Also be sure to order a margarita or cocktail from the delicious drink menu, and if you can, take your orders out on the back deck: A well designed lounge area with a gorgeous fire centerpiece and a breeze from the nearby ocean. However, if the weather is less than ideal, dine inside, where the lighting is dim, and the walls are decorated with fun and vibrant Mexican art. There is truly no bad seat in the house.

Fun and flavorful, authentic and fresh, Masa offers the Space Coast a new (and in a way, old) take on Mexican cuisine.

445 E Eau Gallie Blvd, Melbourne, FL 32937
(321) 610-1462
Facebook: Masa Taqueria Y Cantina
Instagram: @masataqueriaycantina

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