Spring is on its way, a flourishing time for the lush greens and color-bursting flowers of the Space Coast. Blend your green thumb and your creative flare with these fun gardening projects that can be done quickly and easily during the weekend or in your spare time. The results can double as thoughtful gifts for any garden lover and many of these projects are great to do with kids, so use both your imaginations and enjoy creating these beautiful works of garden art.
Artsy Plant Markers
Gather together large, flat shells from the beach or smooth stones and use non-toxic paint to label the various plants, flowers and herbs in your garden. Get creative by drawing the fruit or vegetable on the marker and color it in with its corresponding hue to place in front of its plant. You can also construct signs using items like popsicle sticks, having fun making small street signs with the name of the herbs.
Another creative idea for smaller plants such as herbs is to gather together forks you are no longer using. Decorate them by wrapping string or small rope around the top base of the fork and tie into a bow. Using a marker, label the herbs on a cork from a wine bottle and stick the cork onto the spokes of the fork and voilà, unique markers for your herb garden.
Herb Salt in Pretty Glass Jars
Mason jars and small glass jars, such as ones that were once used for jams, make a wonderful storing container for leafy herbs and herb salts. Herb salt is tasty and aromatic, and attractive in a glass jar. Dry out some of your herbs, such as vibrant green parsley or cilantro, orange turmeric or red paprika and grind until it is fine like salt. You can then sprinkle it onto pastas, into soups or other dishes to add zest while at the same time zesting up your spice shelf with the pretty glass jar features.

Removing Labels from the Glass Jars
If you have some glass jars and need some assistance removing the labels and glue residue, a unique and chemical-free way to clean them is by using baking soda and oil. Mix equal parts of each together to form a paste and rub it on the jar. You can use a scrub brush to make it even easier. The oil will soften the label and glue and the baking soda will offers abrasive action that will remove both. It is quick, easy and free of harsh chemicals.

Creative Containers For Plants
Upcycle items that make unique and creative plant holders. You can use a whole myriad of things in your home, even items you normally wouldn’t think can turn out looking beautiful and innovative. You can use a pair of rain boots for longer stemmed flowers, tea cups for smaller herbs and plants, and even reuse broken plant pots, designing them to look even more beautiful and still serving their same purpose.
A fun way to reuse a broken pot is to create a spilling effect, making it seem like flowers are spilling out of their tipped over pot. If a pot is cracked or broken on one side, you can lay it on the broken side, fill it with soil horizontally and continue outside of the pot onto the surrounding ground, following the same path as the opening of the pot. When the flowers bloom, it will appear as if they have “spilled” out of the pot and blossomed anyway. Succulents are also great to use in broken pots if you want to keep your chipped and broken pot upright. This way, you can view more of the plants than as if the whole pot was covered while adding cool decorations such as stones, shells, watering décor, or tiny gnomes.

Need more inspiration?
Attend one of these local events at Rockledge Gardens

March 13, 1 – 3:30 p.m.
Painting in the Garden Art Class
Join local artist Mitch Gubnitsky in an acrylic painting class. Rockledge Gardens will provide the inspiration for creating your own work of art on canvas. To reserve your seat email Materials provided: acrylic paints, 16”x20” canvas; the canvas is yours to keep. Cost: $35 per participant; check or cash payment will be collected at the door.

March 26, 2 p.m.
Make-n-Take: Living Easter Baskets
Create a stunning basket full of living plants to help you celebrate Easter. $25, includes all materials. Space is limited, pre-registration and payment required. Register online at