By Steven Hicks

 There is an old joke, maybe an adage, about avoiding gas station sushi. Maybe it was an antacid commercial. Whatever the source, you get the idea. Some things just don’t go together. But what happens when that reasonable presumption is shattered? How does it happen in this wonderful world that the best tacos in Brevard are at a gas station? How is it with so many choices in the area, it is the taco truck that features freshly made corn tortillas every day? 

First, there was the taco truck.

Sergio Romero and his son, Ashlin, are already known to SpaceCoast Living readers. They opened Tequila Azul a couple of years ago, as well as a taco truck at the intersection of Viera Boulevard and Murrell Road (you know, at the Mobil station). It is most likely you’ve had their tacos already; they are a local legend. The lines at lunch prove it. The taco truck preceded Tequila Azul, and features the best fresh Mexican food you’ll find in a very large area. Even the burgers (“hamburgesas” here) are freshly made, never frozen. Try the Hamburgesa Hawaiian with ham, pineapple and jalapenos. 

 Then the restaurant 

Tequila Azul was the next natural step, a new place to enjoy food a little more upscale, in a relaxing setting with a bar. Naturally, the tequilas rule here, so order a house margarita and see how even that redefines “house margarita.” There are regular nightly specials, and live music as you’d expect, and seriously good tableside guacamole. Ash Romero suggests Tequila Azul for an upscale lunch “without an upscale price.” 

…and then there were two 

Realizing by talking to their customers that many drove a good distance to get their now-famous tacos, tortas, quesadillas and burritos from the taco truck (now moved inside of the Mobil station), they began the search for their next Sergio’s Tacos and Mexican Grill. In true form, they found a spot in Titusville… in a gas station. The menus at both Sergio’s are the same, and the Titusville location will have opened just before we went to press for this issue, so those of you more northern Brevard inclined now have this “south of the border” spot to frequent. Check it out at the BP station just off the Titusville I-95 exit. 

We know, it sounds crazy. Trust us. The fresh corn tortillas are worth the trip alone. ◆