world of beer viera

Hundreds of brews, a congenial setting and a diverse clientele have made The Avenue Viera’s pub a local favorite.

Chuck and Maribeth Liska wanted to open a congenial little place where friends could get together, a neighborhood tavern.  Then Chuck Liska heard about a new idea.  Maribeth says, “We saw an article about World of Beer in a local newspaper in Tampa and thought that would be perfect… We looked into it and here we are.”

“Here” is the Avenue Viera, chosen because of its location and the fact that “there were only a few places (in the area) where you could come hang out with your friends,” according to Liska.

World of Beer Viera was perfect for the couple who always had an interest in the subject of brewing, and for the Avenue Viera, where customers are only too happy to sample any of its more than 500 varieties of foreign and domestic, draft and bottled brews.

“We have 192 American beers plus the internationals, and they’re amazing.  “They come in all flavors,” Liska says “It is surprising how many different kinds of beer there are, and how many we have to choose from.”

No food is served, but local restaurants, including fellow Avenue Viera businesses, happily bring it in, and live music is played Thursday through Saturday nights.

Staff members must go through an intense, two-week training course before coming onto the pub’s floor. “Each one has to know 53 different styles of beer and they need to be able to recommend draft or bottled beers,” Liska says.  “Each should be able to recommend three beers per style.”  World of beer also serves a variety of wines, non-alcoholic beers and ciders, and high-end cigars.

“Some people want to try something they’ve never had before.  They’re curious.  Then there are people – usually older people – who come in because they can get something they haven’t had in years or since they were in Europe.  The great thing is that they come in all ages and from all over, and they really seem to enjoy themselves.”

5 Beers You Can Only Get Locally at World of Beer Viera

1] Rugbrod

From the Bruery, a family-owned brewery in California. It is named after Danish rye bread and brewed with three types of rye malt.

2] Orchard White

Also from the Bruery.  It is an unfiltered, bottle conditioned Belgian-style witbier (white beer) spiced with coriander, citrus peel and lavender.

3] Wake & Bake Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout

From Terrapin Beer Co. in Athens, Ga.  It’s aged six weeks in French oak casks.

4] Mojo Risin Double IPA

From Boulder Beer Co. in Colorado.  Named after the Doors’ song and described as “souped up,” it’s brewed with lots more malt and hops than the average brew.

5] Bere Timisoreana

From Romania.  This is one of the world’s great old tipples, brewed since 1718 and increasingly favored by connoisseurs here.

Phone: (321) 633-6665

Hours: Noon to 2 a.m. Monday-Sunday