TooJay’s Gourmet Deli Evokes Fond Memories & Creates New Ones

For many people, the word deli conjures up images of New York storefronts and sandwiches are piled to the sky, the soups are hot and fresh, and the desserts are simply irresistible. So it is for TooJay’s Gourmet Deli in The Melbourne Square Mall.

TooJay’s began as a modest New York Style delicatessen on the Island of Palm Beach in the spring of 1981. Formed by partners Jay Brown and Mark Jay Katzenberg, they used the common portion of both their names to come up with the moniker TooJay’s Gourmet Deli.

TooJay’s emphasis is food quality, portion size and service. In addition to the outstanding restaurant menu, TooJay’s specializes in a full line of catering services. From luncheon meetings and seminars to training classes and open houses TooJay’s catering reflects attention to detail and presentation.

Having a caterer assist you with an upcoming event in your home is a huge benefit and time saver, taking the stress and pressure off the hostess for all the things you may need to have for your special event.

We sometimes do not take into consideration the time and efforts spent on the smallest details. Parties and social gatherings should be for the person having the event as well as the attendees. To truly enjoy your event leave the big and small details to the professionals. A lot of times when ordering even platters of items the thought can be “I can just do some of this myself.” If you consider how much time and effort can go into even making a fruit salad it can become overwhelming. Having to shop and prepare items can take the fun out of planning a special event. Cleaning up after your guests can be time spent with them. The small charge of having a catering server at your event is small compared to the priceless time spent enjoying your gathering. Having to shop and prepare items can take the fun out of planning a special event.

Whether you choose home style comfort foods, legendary desserts or famous New York style deli favorites, TooJay’s is an explosion of taste to the palette. Every creative presentation reflects TooJay’s famous attention to detail and showcases your good taste.

For more information about customized catering services, call Tiffany Grozan  (772) 349-2199 or the restaurant  (321) 369-0450. Conveniently located in Melbourne Square Mall.