When most of us think about the joys of a spa visit, we seldom think of the associated health benefits. But, the truth is, treating yourself can improve your health – both physically and mentally.

Massages, for example, are known to help reduce tension and lactic acid buildup in muscles. Facials, meanwhile, are more than skin care. They are also touch therapy that oftentimes includes neck, shoulder and scalp massages. And pedicures are more than polish. Pedicures help revitalize two of the most abused parts of our bodies – our legs and feet.

“Spa services should be thought of as less of an indulgence and more of as a necessity,” says Kim Lesser, owner of Essentials Spa & Salon in Viera. “Life is hectic, and it’s important to shut down and retreat for a few hours every so often. … But, there are only so many ways to do so. One way is by visiting a spa.”

Most modern spas are designed to invoke a state of retreat and rest. From the plush, cozy robes and glasses of nice wine offered, to the sounds of serene settings and sweet scents of lavender wafting in the air, spas like Essentials can transport your mind far away from your everyday stresses.

“When you visit a spa, you are, in a sense, letting someone else handle everything. There’s a nice mental release that comes along with that,” says Lesser.

Nearly all of Essentials’ services are designed to alleviate stress – from the Wild Lime Hypnotic Scalp Massage to the Ultimate Unwinder Massage to the Hot Milk & Honey Pedicure. Essentials’ vichy shower is especially relaxing, allowing you to lie peacefully as a warm rainfall drizzles on your body.

While spending time by yourself at a spa is certainly satisfying, spending time with your significant other at a spa is a wonderful way to add a bit of romance to your relationship.

“We offer a couples massage that is performed in a dimly lit, double room with soft candles flickering. It’s a favorite of our couples!” says Lesser, adding that couples can choose from any type of massage offered at Essentials.

And for couples who want to cap off their massage and other spa services with a nice dinner, Essentials salon professionals offers shampoo and styling, as well as make-up touch-ups to help them get ready. “That is perfection!” says Lesser.

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