Fall is officially upon us here in Brevard County, FL. Cooler temps and frigid breezes are making their way into the Sunshine State. While a few days of cold weather is no guarantee, when it does happen you need to be prepared.

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Florida is internationally known as a place of refuge from savage winters. However, we do get our fair share of cold weather now and again. We are all prepped and ready for ravishing heat and hurricanes, but what about prepping for freezing temperatures?

Have you invested time in learning about what needs to be done to protect your home and family in case of severe winter-like weather? This two part series will take a look at what you can do to protect your home and what you can do protect the people and pets that live within it.

Protect Your Pipes

Here in the South we aren’t accustomed to harsh winters and neither are our pipes. During times of temps at freezing or below, pipes can freeze with water still inside them. While it may seem as though the freezing water within the pipes can cause rupture that isn’t the case.

After a blockage within the pipes due to ice and a faucet that is closed at the end, the build up in water pressure is what causes the disturbance. So what can you do, make sure your pipes are properly insulated?

Because freezing pipes aren’t on the forefront of anyone’s mind here in Florida, it pays to know where your pipes are and, at the very least, wrap them when there is a threat of freezing weather. You can also turn your outdoor faucets on and allow a slow drip to help prevent freezing from within.

Protect Your Plants

Brevard County, FL boasts beautiful weather almost year round. Many people invest time and money in their landscaping. Beautiful yards abound here so make sure your plants are protected during cold snaps.

In the event of freezing weather be sure to cover your foliage. This will help ensure that they survive the cold blast with no lasting repercussions.

If you have cool sensitive trees such as citrus and palms, cover the root system. You can also utilize a 100-watt heat lamp made for outdoor use. Place the lamp in the interior of the tree. These measures should prevent damage to the root systems.

Protecting your most valuable asset is important to you and Burton Homes wants to assist you in this process. These steps are powerful and can help you be at ease when cool weather reigns on the Space Coast.