G&G Roofing Offers Smart Options for Protecting your Home

With hurricane season in full swing through the end of November, contractors and roofers have been busy helping homeowners fortify and stabilize their homes and roofs in the midst of a global pandemic.

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According to news reports, 2020 could see as many as 16 named tropical storms, up from an average of 12. As many as eight are predicted to reach hurricane status, with winds greater than 74 mph. As many Floridians have found out the hard way, a stable roof can be key to mitigating massive damage and avoiding partial or complete loss of habitat.

As distinct as the houses they may cover and protect, roofing styles abound – from shingle to barrel tile, to asphalt to metal options.

Protecting Homes, Valuables and Lives

The safest option for hurricane conditions is a metal roof, said Ray Smith, President and Owner of G & G Roofing Construction Inc., in Rockledge. Metal roof panels are overlapped and attached to the structure of the home or business, sheltering the home by reducing the ability of wind to catch onto or under the roof structure.

By industry standards, most metal roofs are warrantied with defense against winds up to 140 mph. Additionally, they offer protection against other extreme weather events, including lightning/thunderstorms and hailstorms.

The durability of metal roofs means they do not require the same level of maintenance, nor do they have many of the problems associated other roofing options – they will not rot, split, crack, dry out, chip, or warp. Metal roofs also are environmentally friendly, typically fashioned from recycled materials that can be again recycled at the end of its use.


G&G Roofing


G&G Roofing

Metal Roofing Options

The most commonly used material in metal roofs is Galvalume – a coated steel – that is not recommended for placement within 1,500 feet of saltwater due to its susceptibility to rust.

The second most popular material used in metal roof systems is Aluminum, which lasts longer than steel and will not rust. Aluminum is recommended in coastal areas and but does cost more than steel.

Other Options

Shingle roofs are low maintenance, easier to patch and replace, and some of the newer asphalt tiles are rated for winds up to 130 mph. This could be a viable option for inland homes that are better buffeted against coastal winds, and certainly a more affordable one for budget-minded homeowners.

Roof Repair and Emergency Services

If you’re not financially able to replace a leaky or damaged roof but still need help, there are options for repairing an existing roof, Smith said.

After a free inspection to determine whether a repair is warranted, G & G Roofing can service the roof and provide an updated life expectancy.

If your roof is leaking, or if your home has suffered storm damage or needs emergency service, G & G Roofing can provide emergency repairs until more permanent repairs can be completed.

Additional benefits of proper roofing include reduced energy costs (from 10% to as much as 40%), improved curb appeal and increased home value.

Plus, there’s the peace of mind, said Smith, which you can’t really put a price tag on.

G&G Roofing

Signs You May Need a New Roof

  • Leaking or cracking around where roof connects to the home or office structure
  • Sagging on the roof deck (the foundation of the roof system)
  • Signs of water damage inside and outside
  • Daylight visible through gaps in the roof
  • Buckled and loose shingles or missing shingles

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