1 Vegetarian + 1 Sushi Chef + 1 Meat Lover + 1 Omnivore, drizzle in a surly Chinese/Panamanian Chef, blend in Boba and let it marinate for a few years =

Our story is a simple one. PokeBao is a combination of Asian-Latin food culture influenced from an ethnically diverse group of friends. Whether you want a poke bowl or bao, are a meat lover or a vegetarian, our mission is to offer a wide range of distinctive food choices at a reasonable price in a clean, comfortable setting.

In mandarin and Cantonese, “bao” means “steamed buns.” Bao is a handheld, fluffy and slightly sweet Asian taco filled with your choice of delectable proteins, crispy vegetables and sauces. Think of the “Bao” as a vehicle for all the incredible flavors that will be transported into your mouth. At PokeBao, we offer the traditional Bao as well as a variety of choices from our fusion menu. You’ll see that our Bao offers a yin and yang of flavors and textures in every bite!

The term “Poke” is Hawaiian, and literally means “to cut or dice in cross sections.” A traditional Poke Bowl consists of sticky rice served with cubed and marinated ahi tuna or salmon, topped with your choices of vegetables and shoyu. Think of it as a reimagined sushi experience. For those who would prefer something other than fish, our modified versions of Poke Bowls offer cooked and/or vegetarian options. Our bowls can be as simple or bold as you want!

In its most basic form, Boba Tea (also known as Bubble Tea, Pearl Milk Tea or Tapioca Tea) is a tea-based drink, usually made with green or black tea. It can be customized with an assortment of milks, fruit flavors and toppings. The boba pearls give the drink its unique taste and texture and is a form of starch that comes from a cassava root. It is soft, chewy, slightly sweet and gluten-free! We like to think of the Boba as a gummy bear that adapts to the flavor of your drink, as it absorbs the drink’s essence.