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Meet Our Winner! Cooper Petrillo!



Full name: Cooper Petrillo 

Nickname: Cooper… also Coopy and about 20 other nicknames

Age: 6

Breed: Weimaraner

Owners’ names: Lisa and Mark Petrillo 

What’s in a name: He is registered with AKC as Cooper Goodfellow the Third – an homage to my childhood dog, Brandy Goodfellow the Second.”

Favorite activities: In no particular order, Cooper loves running, frisbee, swimming, tug-o-war, performing tricks, hide-and-seek, doggie day care, going to the dog beach, being a therapy dog (kids read to him at the library), giving kisses, playing chase, car rides, bike rides, hiking, stretching, and napping. He has also done agility training, tracking, and dock diving in the past. He is a very active dog, although he’s slowed down a bit in the past year after developing tendinitis in his shoulder.

Favorite food: Cooper will literally eat any people food, with one exception: lemons. 

Fun fact: Cooper has many skills and has experienced many amazing things in his life. He’s also been the mascot for the Running Zone race team; he’s an honorary board member of and he even performed the ceremonial first fetch for Bark in the Park during a Manatees game this past April.

Personality traits: Friendly, loving, loyal, playful, and hilarious. Seriously, this dog makes us laugh every single day.


Full name: Anjali Clandestine LoJac of Spoton   

Nickname: Leo

Breed: Bengal

Age: 2 years 

Owner’s name: Rosalie Kiesiner

Favorite activities: Playing and climbing stuff in the “cat” yard. Best of all – hunting and catching lizards, bugs and anything that flies by.

Fun fact: Leo has sired two litters of Bengals. With both litters he joined his queen Stormy when the kittens were only three weeks old.  Leo would stay with the kittens while Mom took a break and would clean and play with the kittens ‘til Momma returned. Basically he was a great caring father.

Personality traits: Sweet, sensitive, talkative, momma’s boy! 

What is the best part of having a pet like Leo? Never being alone, always having someone to talk to and free entertainment.


Full name: Lexi Cheney

Nickname: We have started calling Lexi “Lex Luther” (we just found out that she is a he.)

Age: 4 months

Owner’s name: Joy Simon  

Favorite food: Carrots and strawberries

What is the best part of having pets? Watching the kids play with them.

Favorite activities: Chasing his “sibling” and trying to pull the kids’ toys off the picnic table to eat.

What is something unique about your pet? Lex likes to lay on his back and have his belly rubbed.

Personality traits: Energetic and sweet


Full name: Bono’s Pride 

Nickname: Pride

Breed: Registered Thoroughbred 

Age: 9 years

Owner’s name: Karen Jolly 

Favorite activities: Rolling in dirt, playing hard to catch.

Favorite foods: Fritos, alfalfa, pretzels, watermelon and cantaloupe. 

What’s in a name: Yes, it is a reference to U2, but no, I didn’t name him!”

Fun fact: Pride was bred as a racehorse and actually raced at Calder. He has a famous sire (Exchange Rate) and is a fifth generation descendant of Native Dancer.  But in racing, he refused to run past his friends!  We are developing him as a hunter/jumper.”

Personality traits: Inquisitive, friendly, a bit stubborn

This article appears in the August 2015 issue of SpaceCoast Living.
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