Everyone is passionate about something. Luckily, if you’re looking into painting your home or business, the owners behind Perfecting Paint are passionate about painting. Founded in 2015 by brothers Jaz and Samuel Rodriguez, Perfecting Paint has always been about being the best they can be.

In 2015, the brothers and roommates were brainstorming different ways to make a paycheck. Samuel Rodriguez had been in the painting business, and Jaz Rodriguez had experience in marketing and sales. They wanted to combine their talents and decided to take a leap of faith. They quit their jobs on Friday and opened up Perfecting Paint on Monday.
When I sat down with Jaz Rodriguez, he said the business was really about one thing: “Above all, we want quality.” Perfecting Paint makes sure that the houses and businesses they paint are painted to perfection, an apt cause for its namesake. Perfecting Paint wants to “color the world.”

There are multiple reasons why people decide to paint their homes. Rodriguez says that many of Perfecting Paint’s clients have their interiors painted to change up the overall feel of a room. Many have their exteriors painted to increase their home value, to sell their home or to get positive attention from the neighbors. Either way, your house ends up looking and feeling better, and you’ll feel better, too.

Home trends come and go, but we all want our homes to look like the covers of our favorite home magazines. According to Rodriguez, the most popular color for home interiors in this area is lilac gray. Lighter than your average gray, this color adds a bit of drama and gender-neutrality to a room.

For exterior paint, Rodriguez says that browns or grays are the way to go. Desert beige and stormy gray are the “it” colors for 2019. If you’re looking for a sophisticated and classic coastal feeling, the pair recommends stormy gray with white trim. This variety of gray is the perfect way to stand out in the neighborhood. If you’re looking for something a little more laid back, consider desert beige. According to the Rodriguez brothers, desert beige is great choice for the exterior because it rarely looks dirty. As desert beige and the dirt upon which your house stands are both brown, the color will last for years. They also recommend adding white trim along with the desert beige to keep your home looking cool and classic for years to come.

Painting is a great way to change up your home and increase its value. If you want to avoid the messy spills and backbreaking labor of painting yourself, call Perfecting Paint. They promise perfection every time.