Merritt Island Foot & Ankle has served Merritt Island for over 30 years. Currently, Dr. Mark Beylin, Dr. Alexander San Diego, Jr., and Dr. Romain Onteniente keep two busy offices; one in Merritt Island and another in Suntree, seeing patients from both ends of the county.

Beylin says their goal is to be available to patients. “We can usually see a patient with a problem if not within 24 hours, certainly within the first 48.” San Diego adds, “‘Patient First’ is our mantra. We deal with any range of diseases of the foot, from ingrown or fungal toenails, to more complex issues like arthritis or a flat foot requiring reconstructive surgery.” Merritt Island Foot & Ankle also treats dermatological issues from athlete’s foot to warts. “We specialize in care for the lower extremities,” Beylin adds. “We’re very privileged and humbled to serve this community and to continue the 30-year tradition.”

Merritt Island Foot & Ankle offers therapeutic laser treatments for a variety of conditions ranging from inflammatory conditions to arthritis to other chronic conditions. They also provide amniotic tissue injections for a variety of inflammatory conditions, chronic or acute.

Onteniente is the new addition to the practice, bringing more availability to the schedule. He will be at both locations, seeing patients throughout the week. “We try to step out of the box and offer a bit more than what an average physician would do,” he says.

Merritt Island Foot & Ankle is available 24/7 for
emergencies. Beylin emphasizes, “When patients go to the emergency room or urgent care center for a foot- or ankle-related problem, they’re referred to us anyway. So, to save  time (and money), contact our office first. Call the number below and follow the cues, and the physician on call will  return the call as soon as possible. We encourage people to call. If they need us, we’re here.”

Merritt Island Foot & Ankle

2404 N Courtenay Parkway,

Merritt Island, FL 32953

2955 Pineda Plaza Way, Ste 107,

Melbourne, FL 32940

(321) 452-1327 |