SpaceCoast Living sat down with the owner of Up the Creek Farms, Jess Watson, to discuss weddings and other get-togethers at this breathtaking venue. Listen to what she has to say and learn what inspired it all. 

SCL: What makes Up the Creek Farms such a unique place for weddings?

Up the Creek Farms: The property has a special aura about it. It’s the sereneness your senses take in when you’re standing under century-old oak trees, listening to the birds and crickets chirp. You’re looking down the hill when a soft breeze hits your face and you feel you’ve transformed to a different time period — Old Florida.
If you’ve been here before, you will understand. If you haven’t had the opportunity, we would love to share and welcome you to visit.

SCL: Describe some of the amenities that stand out.

Up the Creek Farms: First and foremost, privacy and exclusivity, hosting only one event per day. The Boathouse, a 6,000 square-foot air-conditioned barn, was designed specifically for events with functionality in mind. The outdoor patios and spaces are brick paved to accommodate more formal events such as a wedding ceremony or cocktail hour with vistas overlooking the property. The historical Decklan House is special as well, accommodating pre-ceremony amenities such as a dressing suite and billiards room for the wedding party.

Mostly unnoticed are our wedding and event planners. They are an incredibly talented group of ladies that work extremely hard on the backside of events to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. They can juggle multi-tasking – orchestrating set-up, managing a strict timeline and resolving crises, all with poise and grace. 

SCL: Does the venue hold other types of gatherings or just primarily weddings?

Up the Creek Farms: Although weddings take a good portion of our focus, we have the privilege of hosting many other types of events including charity fundraisers, corporate outings and retreats and other specialty parties. Our packages are customizable and, if preferred, can be all-inclusive.

SCL: Can you think of one particular wedding that stood out among the rest? 

Up the Creek Farms: Thinking on this question and looking back on weddings we’ve had an opportunity to host, it’s the people that leave a lasting impression. We have built so many friendships and memories throughout the years.

SCL: What’s the experience like at Up the Creek Farms?

Up the Creek Farms: You will find passion is evident in every aspect of Up the Creek Farms. From our customer service to landscape maintenance. Our team consists of a small passionate group of people that love what they do. We’re involved from the very beginning, when planning a wedding is in the visionary stage. We’re there to answer questions and give guidance, ultimately creating a relationship of trust to make sure the wedding day runs smoothly.

SCL: You must be passionate about what you do;
tell me why you went into this business and what
you personally bring to these events. 

Up the Creek Farms: It began with a childhood home and sentimental attachment to it. I’ve always loved hospitality and have a background in restaurant management. When the opportunity presented itself, my husband and I took a leap of faith to construct a one-of-a-kind venue. We appeal to couples who want a southern style wedding with modern amenities.