If you ask anyone about SpaceCoast Living, or engage in any kind of discussion about something we’ve written about, it seems the first name that always comes up is Lori Reader. Ask, “Did you see the article about pets in the August issue?” and the answer will undoubtedly start with, “Do you know Lori Reader?” While we here at SCB toil in front of our computers and cameras, Lori is a tornado of activity, crisscrossing the entire county every day. And this is after her morning 5-mile run.

SCL: Seriously, Lori? Five miles?

Lori: Well, not every morning! But I do something every morning. I start at 6 a.m. and I’m done by 7:30 a.m. I do different things to keep it interesting. I bike, paddle, swim, run, power walk, or hit the gym for cardio and weights. Sometimes its yoga, and sometimes I exercise twice a day. I’m an addict. I also like to scuba, snow ski, water ski and we love being on the boat.

SCL: Have you always been an addict?

Lori: Actually, yes. I’m the mother of four grown children. When they were younger, I was a personal trainer for a pregnant woman and other moms who wanted to get back in shape after having children. I had a large home gym, and actually ran a business out of my home called, ‘Fit ‘n Fun’ and the moms would all come to me. Even when my kids were at soccer, little league or cheerleading practices, I would get the other parents out of their chairs to power walk around the field instead of just sitting there.

SCL: And these days?

Lori: I haven’t slowed down. My neighbors in Suntree have seen me exercising for the last 20 years and know me as the neighborhood runner/walker/biker. They tell me I’ve inspired them to exercise and get in shape. Sometimes I don’t even know them, but then they see me out somewhere and tell me. So yes, I’ve always been an addict. I’ve exercised since high school, it’s a way of life for me, like breathing; I rarely miss a day.

SCL: What’s your advice for our readers, then?

Lori: I can talk about changing routines and exercise all day long, but as I’ve been getting older, I realize it actually helps my mood, as well as my sleeping and eating habits. If someone doesn’t want or have a trainer, they can keep their own journal every day of fitness and weight goals. Go into this New Year happy, trying to live healthy. Be energized and keep those New Year’s resolutions alive. Work towards a healthier life to stay in shape. Eat more salad, fruit, proteins, veggies and yogurt. It all helps. Find the plan and routine that works for you and live it.

Lori Reader has been SpaceCoast Living’s Senior Account Executive for over 5 years. She’d love to talk fitness with you, so feel free to email her at lori@scbmarketing.com. If you own a business in Brevard, you likely know her already!