For just about 50 years, Kempf’s Jewelers has been offering unique jewelry design, one-of-a kind custom pieces and elevated customer service to those in the know here. Housed in a fashionable showroom on Fifth Avenue in Indialantic, the family team, including son and Owner Jason Kempf are well respected among repeat and new clientele and considered knowledgeable experts in their field.

SCL: Thanks for being part of our “romance” issue. We’re certain that many people think of gifting jewelry first during this month of Valentine’s Day, but first, tell our readers how it all started.

Jason Kempf

JK: My father, David Kempf, began his career in 1961 with a 7-year apprenticeship program under an award-winning French designer and manufacturer. Dad is a master goldsmith in 14K gold, 18K gold, and platinum. He specializes in hand fabrication as well as executing original designs. My father was even asked to create a piece for The American Gemstone Collection that belongs to the Smithsonian Institute.

My mother, Gale, began her fascination with fine jewelry design and rare gemstones in 1969. She attended the Gemological Institute of Technology, graduating with degrees in gemology and design. She’s also a certified gemologist appraiser. Her dedication has her traveling extensively to personally select the rarest exquisitely cut precious gemstones for our designs.

SCL: How has your family guided customers over the years?

JK: Being local and family-owned and operated for over 40 years means that relationships are very important to us. Getting to know our clients helps us guide them to make the best choices in jewelry or a Rolex timepiece. People come in and make a “wish list” of items they love in varying price ranges. When a significant other then comes in, we know exactly where to guide them.

As a specific example, over the holiday a young man working in Palm Beach drove up to us because a family member had recommended our store. He had a sentimental diamond passed down from his grandmother and needed an engagement ring. Our designers took the diamond and finished the perfect ring for him in 3 days so he could catch a plane to NYC to surprise his love. His fiancé texted with a picture (inset) and this sweet message, “Thanks for helping make my dream proposal come true!”

SCL: You’re also the only “official” Rolex retailer between Orlando and Vero Beach. That must be a great introduction for you to meet new clients.

JK: It is. Rolex is a very special line. I was a fan long before we ever became Brevard’s Official Rolex Jeweler in 2004. When I turned 18, I took a loan from my father to purchase my first Rolex. A stainless steel Submariner that I still wear on occasion. One day it will be passed down to one of my sons.

SCL: One last question: we’ve always wondered, how does a jeweler manage gifts to family and significant others? What do you buy for those special occasions?

JK: Jewelers don’t give jewelry as often as you might think. When we do they are usually special sentimental pieces. I designed a three diamond bangle representing our three sons for my wife. My father designed 18Kt gold, hand-engraved, family crest rings for my brother and me. Both are heirloom-type pieces that will be handed down to future generations of Kempfs.

To meet Jason and find out more about Kempf’s jewelry, call (321) 724-5820 or visit their store at 336 Fifth Ave. in Indialantic.