For this month’s edition of One Last Question, SpaceCoast Living is mixing things up a bit. During these extreme heat, summertime months, it’s critical that your pets receive the proper care. That’s why we’ve put together a list of tips sure to help your furry friends stay healthy. 

1. Keep your pet hydrated 

It is absolutely possible for your pet to get dehydrated. Make sure they receive plenty of water and shade. Some warning signs may include dry gums, panting, and drooling. Animals love to bathe in the sun but can overheat quickly. Keep bowls inside and outside filled with water and be sure to take water on trips. 

2. Never leave your pet in the car 

The statement speaks for itself. If a human can’t last long in a parked car, neither can your pet. In fact, cats and dogs can overheat within minutes. Therefore, at your destination, take your pet with you or leave it at home for safety. 

3. Sunscreen 

Dogs can wear sunscreen? Yes, if it’s a dog-safe brand. Applying a sunscreen to your pet’s nose and other areas not protected by their coat can prevent sunburn. Visit your local pet store or find it on the pet aisle. 

4. Avoid walks during the heat of the day 

The pavement can actually burn your dog’s paws. Try sticking to a grassy surface or shaded area. Above all else, schedule walks during the cooler parts of the day. 

5. Think twice before shaving your pet 

Ask your vet or groomer if this is a good idea. Some breeds have natural insulation through their coats. Removing them could actually worsen things. 

6. Watch for bugs 

Summer heat means more bugs, such as fleas and ticks, coming around that could be harmful to your pet. Be sure to keep an eye on their skin and visit your vet to stay up to date on vaccines.