Like any group of workmates, as we’ve grown to know each other better, we’ve also gotten to know the relationships we all have outside of the office. Some of us are in our twenties and some are approaching sixty. We have some long-standing marriages, a few who are relative newlyweds, and single people as well. So, not being an expert myself, I thought I’d ask my friends here at SCL what they thought it took to have a lasting relationship. Here they are in no particular order.

Steven Hicks (Senior Editor) and wife, Dina. Married 10 years this August.

“We began our relationship as employer and employee, then became good friends. Dating followed. First and foremost, we respect each other. Laugh whenever you can, enjoy a bottle of good wine and the talking that comes with it. I realize every day that she is the best thing that ever happened to me, and I let her know it. Being thankful for the life you have together gets you through anything.”

Tanya Mutton (Art Director-SpaceCoast Living) and husband, Tim. Married for 27 Years.

Communication and humor. “For 20 years we moved around from pillar to post with the Army; this forced us to rely solely on one another and figure everything out as a unit, it was tough sometimes, but with a sense of humor we made it work and it has carried on now that Tim has retired from the military.”

Eric Wright (Publisher) and wife Susan, married for 36 years.

“My wife Susan and I have been married for 36 years. I have learned that knowing my wife is God’s favorite person in the world: a) Makes me feel mighty lucky that I was entrusted with the best and b) To be very careful to treat her in a way that reflects that insight.”

Jeff Piersall (Owner and CEO) and wife Judy. Married for 35 years.

“You are never allowed to quit on the same day. And keep your faith as the centerpiece of your relationship.”

Tracy Conner (Production Manager) and husband, Blake, together 17 years. Married for 15.

“Have open lines of communication on everything, laugh often, make “date night” a monthly priority in the busyness of everyday life. But most importantly, stay grounded in your faith because your marriage will be thrown all kinds of curve balls and it’s comforting to know God has all things under control…especially your marriage!”

Lori Reader (Senior Account Executive) and fiancée Brian. Engaged for two years, together for seven.

“Friendship, laughter, trust and respect are the first ingredients in our recipe for success. It is then sprinkled with common interests, and lots of space. We compliment and support each other regarding our individual relationships with our six adult children, our friends, our work obligations and our alone time.” A game often played between them is called, “I’m Funnier Than You.” It’s their competition to make each other laugh over silly things. They also try to do small, kind gestures for each other. Lori says the final ingredient for their successful relationship, “is simply love.”

Nevin Flinchbaugh (Art Director-SpaceCoast Business) and wife, Tasha. Together for five years, married just over one.

“Never go to bed fighting. Being tired the next day is a small cost considering the alternative.”

Cherise Czaban (VP of Business Development) and husband, Steve. Married for 32 Years.

Commitment – “commitment to our family and to each other and remembering what’s truly important.”