Aurelia RoseFor this month’s edition of One Last Question, SpaceCoast Living sat down with former cover model contestant Aurelia Rose (December 2011) as she discussed her modeling career and tips and tricks of the trade. 

SCL: Tell us how your journey began.

Aurelia: I actually began as an actor. I went to school at Savannah College of Art and Design for Media and Performing Arts. As soon as I graduated, I hit the ground running in the performing arts field.

SCL: Did someone or something inspire you to start this career path?

Aurelia: Riding horses is my passion in life and I always wanted a career in that. That’s funny to think of now because acting and modeling have just as many challenges as a career in the horse industry, but I love what I do, so there are no complaints here.

SCL: What was your main focus when first starting out as a model?

Aurelia: Getting in front of the camera and learning about myself. Learning what angles work and what facial expressions work. Test shooting as much as I could to build my portfolio and just figuring myself out. 

SCL: Did any challenges come your way in the beginning? If so, how did you beat them?

Aurelia: Just like with acting, you have to get really good at hearing “No.” That’s just part of the industry. Out of 10 castings you may book one… Or you may have a great month and book
a ton.

SCL: How did this experience with SpaceCoast Living Magazine affect your career path? 

Aurelia: I believe it has opened the door for more local work, which is wonderful because I love our area. As much as I travel for work, I always look forward to coming home to the Space Coast.

SCL: Where are you at today with your work? 

Aurelia: I travel around the country now representing Genesis, a new luxury car brand. When I’m home, I’m either riding my horse or working on my latest adventure, Rosa Marina Boutique. I co-own the boutique with my business partner, Sheena. 

SCL: Looking back on all of your experiences so far, what’s the biggest piece of advice you could give aspiring models?

Aurelia: A good relationship with your agent is a must. You are working as a team; they don’t make money unless you do. So always having an agent believing in you is key. My advice with anything in life is this: What you’re putting into this world is what you’re going to get out of it. Always be positive, humble and kind and never stop believing in yourself.