If you have ever found yourself scrolling through Pinterest for hours at a time, or accidentally spending an entire afternoon in front of the television with your eyes glued to HGTV, you have probably been struck by the sudden and all-consuming urge to renovate, or at least redecorate, a space in your home. The beginning of a new year only seems to intensify this urge, with the desire for a fresh start driving everyone’s resolutions lists. Before you break out a sledgehammer, though, consider the powerful impact that smaller, more cost-efficient changes might make.

Adding pops of color to a room with throw pillows, artwork, or curtains can add new life and visual interest to a space at a low cost. Something as simple as adding a fresh paint color to a room can make it feel brighter, or more dramatic. In fact, it may not even require repainting a whole room; painting or refinishing furniture or adding new bedding or upholstery can have just as much of an effect. If you’re looking for even lower cost ways to revamp a room, getting started on some of those DIY projects, or rearranging furniture, is a fun way to make a change in very little time.

Often, these little details may go overlooked when decorating a room, but those like the team at Blinds of All Kinds in Rockledge understand how important these elements might be. Adding roman shades, or bamboo roller shades might completely change the design of a living room, while blackout curtains can transform a bedroom into a getaway. When you realize how the details can make an impact, the possibilities seem endless.



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