By Burton Homes

The papers have been signed. It is official! Your new home, expertly designed with your dreams in mind by Burton Homes is about to break ground. You’ve waited for this day. You’ve worked hand in hand with the Burton Home’s team to make your must-haves a reality. Now comes the hard part: Waiting!

Building a new home is exciting. You have most certainly put all of your creative juices to work letting Burton Homes know exactly what you need. We have consulted with you taking into account all of your wishes and the design is complete.

Now that the design process is over the fun begins. Your home goes into the construction phase. This is when you get to see your desires take flight, maybe even up a lofty staircase, if multi-story homes are your cup of tea.

What can you expect during this phase? It is hard to wait but, unfortunately, quality homes don’t just pop up unlike many builders would have you believe. Of course every home construction project is different and many factors must be taken into account such as the weather, availability of supplies, and the workforce. However, here are a few general guidelines that you can expect whilst awaiting to move in to your beautiful new home.


Yikes! It is really happening. The lot you have chosen for your home is now being prepared for construction. Your lot must be prepped with precision before your new home is built and this may include excavations and clearing of the property. Don’t worry! Your home will be perfectly situated and all the plans you made will come to pass.


Every home must have a solid foundation upon which the structure can be built. Here in Brevard County, FL most homes have a concrete slab poured for stability. We are so close to sea level that basements are almost unheard of. Next the framework of your home is created and this is when you start to see the beginning of the end. Just imagine all the memories that are waiting to be created within the walls of what appears to be a shell.

We invite you to visit your construction site and get a visual of what your home is becoming. What an exciting process! Coinciding with this phase we continually meet with you to ease your mind. We encourage you to tell us what you think as construction moves forward. Your vision is our goal.


Now that the slab is set and the framework is done the hard work of installing the inner workings of your home begins. Electrical wires, plumbing, heating, and cooling systems, and more are brought in. Your home is gaining a life of its own.


Now your home looks like a home. Floors are installed. Painting takes place. Cabinets and utilities find their home. It is all coming together. Everything you dreamed of and, hopefully more, is happening.


Appliances, light fixtures, faucets, you name it are all being installed during this phase. It is real. Your home is breathing life now and waiting expectantly for you. Are you excited?

CBH001--Logo_2colorWaiting for your dream home to be in the final phases of construction and move in ready takes patience and Burton Homes in Brevard County, FL knows that. We are with you from start to finish with your new home construction. It is our hope that not only the home of your dreams is created during this process but also a lifelong relationship.