Citizen-driven Initiative Uncovers Little-Known Destination Gems

The Space Coast Office of Tourism launched a new Hidden Gems program, a citizen-driven program where county residents, business owners and officials teamed to create self-guided adventures that set visitors and locals on the trail of natural wildlife, historical treasures, shopping and space adventures in Brevard County.

The Hidden Gems adventures, and the interactive website that documents them, , are the result of information derived from focus groups held throughout Brevard County.

“Tourism accounts for more than 9,000 jobs and over $150 million in revenue for the county, so it’s noteworthy that residents are helping influence our tourism offerings,” said Rob Varley, executive director of the Space Coast Office of Tourism. “This is especially important because both residents and tourists can enjoy our Hidden Gems.”

Residents from across the county contributed to the development of the Hidden Gems program, including wildlife experts, archaeologists, historians, space exploration experts, endangered lands specialists and nature photographers.