Colds, flu, sinus problems and general gunk.

By Judy Piersall

Essential Oils

It’s that time of year again. Protecting ourselves from a homeopathic aspect is just as important as getting the recommended shots, which often are not total protection anyway.

I can’t recommend enough using thieves oil.


I never leave the house without it. It’s part of my morning routine. All it entails is rubbing 2-3 drops onto the soles of your feet. The reason is that the skin there is generally not very sensitive, so for those of you who have problems with that, fear not. The skin there is also quite absorbable. The clove scent of thieves oil is pleasant. I will also reapply it at the end of the day if I’m going out to any sort of function where I’ll be shaking hands. Other than that, think of all the germ filled things we touch on a regular basis — door handles, sink faucets, toilet handles, the list goes on. We all need some extra protection each and every day.

Vitamin C

My other go-to product is peppermint oil.

I don’t take decongestants. If you don’t have a full-blown sinus infection, a few drops rubbed into your temples and dabbed under your nose will open you up and relieve any pressure there. Not to mention the scent is very soothing. It also works anytime you may be nauseated — peppermint is known to alleviate nausea.

Both of these products can also be used in a diffuser, which I also highly recommend. Again, both are pleasant scents, and a room filled with these essential oils is very therapeutic.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Lastly, to help boost the immune system, I highly recommend doses of Vitamin C in powder form, not pills. Anything in powder form is better absorbed into the body. A scoop dissolved in water twice a day works wonders.

For those of you who get all the recommended shots, that’s great; but they’re not enough. They need a complement on a daily basis.

Here’s to a healthy and happy 2019, and remember..."You always have choices."