For many, brunch is more than just a fun weekend meal: it’s a lifestyle. However, finding the right restaurant to brunch is hard work. You essentially have to dine by trial and error. Yes, a restaurant’s dinner salmon might be delicious, but that doesn’t ensure that its morning lox or omelet will wow.

Fortunately, River Rocks’ weekend brunch is just as – if not more so – impressive as its everyday lunch and dinner menus. Here, it is perfectly apparent that the chef understands that brunch is more of a social experience, and that customers don’t need crazy flavor combinations to be impressed. Here, simplicity is key.

Photography: Harmony Lynn Goodson

River Rocks serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m., giving you ample time to add brunch into your busy weekend schedule. Not a huge fan of the Sunday brunch crowd, we decided to visit River Rocks on a Saturday, and to our surprise and delight, it was quiet. (Of course, if you are someone who prefers a bit of excitement with your morning eggs, our waitress assured that Sunday is the morning to visit, as the conversation is lively, and the mimosas are flowing.)

When ordering, we decided to stick with entrees that are popular, because we wanted to see how River Rocks would add its own twist. So, we split the Cuban Benedict, Avocado Toast and Chicken and Waffles.

Cuban Benedict

How it’s different: The variances were subtle, but they made all the difference. First and foremost, instead of being served on a toasted english muffin, the base was two toasted pieces of, what appeared to be, french bread. River Rocks also added pork along with the ham, making the dish heartier and more savory. In a way, this felt like the classic American breakfast, though its namesake says otherwise.

Quality: Eggs benedict lovers, celebrate! The poached eggs were cooked perfectly. They weren’t cold when they hit the table, and they were both soft and runny. I was pleased by this, as my favorite part of eating this dish is always cutting into the egg and letting the yolk drip everywhere. Because, let’s be honest with ourselves, the best part of the meal is dipping each bite of food into the yolk, right?

Photography: Harmony Lynn Goodson

Avocado Toast

How it’s different: The thing about avocado toast is that there is no real standard. Because avocado is relatively neutral in terms of flavor, you can pair it with just about anything. River Rocks decided to use toasted artisan bread, and topped the smashed avocado with diced tomatoes, feta cheese and cilantro. I’m not a huge feta cheese fan, but it worked. If you’re going into brunch looking for something that is light and refreshing, this is a great dish for you.

Quality: Avocado toast is arguably one of the trendiest brunch items out there, but it’s easily one of the hardest dishes to nail. Have you ever spent a pretty penny on a restaurant’s avocado toast and been disappointed, either by its size or lackluster presentation? Me, too. Thankfully, River Rocks gives you three pieces of toast, each piece bending at the weight of the avocado. So, you won’t go hungry. And as you can see, it’s picture perfect.

Photography: Harmony Lynn Goodson
Photography: Harmony Lynn Goodson

Chicken and Waffles

How it’s different: There was only one difference here, and that was the choice to use bourbon sriracha maple syrup vs. standard maple syrup (though you can get standard if you ask). But though this change may seem small, it had a huge impact on the dish. I am not typically a chicken and waffles fan – blasphemous, I know – but this syrup was incredible. The subtle spice took the dish to another level and gave the allusion of eating hot wings. I understand that “hot wings” and “breakfast” don’t typically go together, but the best rule of brunch is that there are no rules. Besides, if you’re dining in at 11 a.m., it’s practically lunchtime.

Quality: This meal is huge, and I can guarantee you’ll feel stuffed for the remainder of the day. This truly is, what our digital marketer so rightfully dubbed, “the man’s breakfast.” Of course, women and children are invited to chow down. I highly recommend this meal as the pre-game to a Sunday afternoon football game.

If you’ve been tirelessly searching for the best place to spend your weekend mornings, consider adding River Rocks to the list. You can’t go wrong with great food and strong alcohol.

Grab unlimited house bloody marys, mimosas and house beer for $15. All seating is indoor before 11 a.m.

Phone: 321-757-7200
6485 South U.S. 1
Rockledge, FL