Little did Dr. Ken and Susie Hazlett know when they bought their daughter Megan her first keyboard at age six they were launching a musical career. Soon after receiving the gift for Christmas “I remember sitting with my little sister and hearing a tune in my head,” says Megan, now 14. “After about a year I started writing at the piano and figured out I have a talent for it.”

Since then Megan has written about thirty songs. “It’s a release for me. If I’m upset about something I’ll write a song, it’s a good way to sort out my feelings. When I learn a new song I’ll sit and play and feel good.”

“She’s very involved,” Says mom Susie, “and extremely self motivated. She won’t do something unless she does it right.” While a student at Holy Name of Jesus School Megan served as school president, participated in competetive dance, was on the cheerleading squad and served as class valedictorian

Teacher Georgia Germond of Little House of Music in Satellite Beach says, “I taught her first note on the piano, today she is so musically advanced. Megan is a beautiful person, both inside and out-she’s a wonderful teenager.”

This month Megan will enter 9th grade at Satellite High School where she will study at the school’s Performing Arts Academy, participate in their musical theater program, Chorus and cheerleading. ‘She works very hard at everything she does,” says Susie of Megan, who writes approximately two new songs a week. “Lately she and her sister Kelly (age 11) have been playing together. She encouraged Kelly to learn guitar to play backup and they’ve performed together at Holy Name of Jesus.”