Waterman Real Estate opened 2000, but moved into their current building on Minton Road in 2010, Andy Waterman’s firm has been in the Real Estate industry for over 18 years. Waterman will tell you though he’s been “at it” since 1997. Waterman has created his niche in Residential Real Estate. “We’re typically in the top five companies in Brevard for home sales,” he says. Waterman himself has secured $600M in sales with over 4,000 homes sold, and the company as a whole literally has billions in sales since he opened the doors. “There are over 750 real estate companies in the county, and we’re always in the top 10, mostly top five, and we have been for many years.” Waterman currently has approximately 60 agents. “Many companies try to take every agent to pad their bottom line. I only want agents I’d want to do business with, and usually those agents come to me.”

As for their mission going forward? “We want to grow the commercial side and that’s obviously why Meili Viera is here. We have the right the people, bringing value to servicing the residential sector of Real Estate, We are now actively focused in translating that to the commercial sector of our industry, the future will be amazing.” 

Viera, a multi-faceted Broker Associate with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration & Management, brought extensive commercial sales, leasing & development knowledge and experience, when she joined Waterman over a year ago. “We’re focused on delivering an outstanding customer service and the experience for the customer. I know that that sounds obvious, but I think communication and placing our customers interest above our own, is definitely part of our strength,” she says. Waterman adds, “We met with a new client today who had had a couple of horrible experiences with other commercial realtors. Typically, we hear they are not taking care of our needs. So, we’re going to do just that and take that next step into commercial real estate.” Viera added, “We’re creating value and offering the best overall experience from A to Z. We bring overall market knowledge and the ability to utilize all of the right tools to get a property either sold, or a project developed.

Says Viera, “We are transitioning into aiding investors and developers with their Real Estate commercial development projects and in our office we are focused on expanding our commercial sales, property management and income development segments. If I’ve learned anything in my career, it is that you have to put whatever knowledge you have into use. You can learn a million things. If you don’t put them into practice, you don’t know anything.” 

Waterman adds, “I shaped this company around a Disney-like, concierge level of service. I believe Disney has the best customer service; the way they train their employees and the way they run their business is top notch. That kind of hands-on approach will always be important to me.” He also says he would like to add a third location beachside to complement their offices on Minton Road, and in Malabar. Viera added, “I am excited to continue bringing value to our customers, Quality in the experience is always remembered long after the price is forgotten, we have a lot to offer Brevard and our customers have the results that prove it!” ◆