The Brevard Zoo welcomed a new jaguar to its La Selva area of the zoo. Mulac, a male Jaguar from Sacramento Zoo, has been living behind the scenes in an alternative area for big cats since his relocation from the west coast in September. He was awaiting the departure of Saban, who was born at Brevard Zoo on January 26, 2013 to mom, Masaya. Saban was transferred to Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens on April 2.

The jaguar is now on exhibit in the La Selva area. Mulac weighs 133 pounds and is average in size. “Mulac has a very expressive face and a really stout body which is classic for a Jaguar,” said La Selva Area Manager Kathleen Milk.
Mulac will be introduced to Masaya, Brevard Zoo’s female Jaguar. Keeper staff hopes that introductions between the pair will go well and that Mulac will become a first time father.