Top 3 Ways  To Make Your Holiday Table Sparkle This Season

By Mallorie Ann Ingram

Between the shopping, decorating and endless get-togethers, it goes without saying this festive season can be hectic. When it comes to planning your own party, often there’s little time left to plan something memorable. Here to help jump-start your party-planning efforts are a few tips and tricks to set the perfect table and bring that magical ambiance we love this time of year to your dining room.

  1. For your table’s centerpiece, look no further than your own backyard, that is, Titusville’s Floral Creations by Dawn. Whether you’re hosting a party for five or 50, business owner Dawn Acklin has your floral arrangements covered from start to finish. Her expertise and long-standing role within the community over the years has brought joy to numerous homes and businesses with elaborate pieces.

    “Christmas is my favorite time of the year and, honestly, was partly what inspired me to go into this business,” says Acklin.

    Her color schemes include traditional designs, from green pine and cranberry pieces to delicate ivory tones with magnolias, to deep cobalt blue arrangements. Depending on your room’s color scheme, try using one or two of these arrangements for your table’s centerpiece. If you’re hosting for a large crowd, Acklin also showcases smaller arrangements perfect for buffet and side tables.

    “I truly believe the warmth and sparkle of a well set table and all the decorations set the perfect stage for wonderful family memories,” says Acklin.

    Be sure to stop by her store during the holidays to take a look at her winter wonderland showroom in full bloom.

  2. Now that you have the florals covered, let’s talk vases. Everyone knows the importance of classic glassware and linen pieces at the dinner table, but consider doing the unexpected. Wow your guests with something unique such as a piece from Common Stone Pottery. Deborah Speer, owner of Common Stone Pottery in Historic Downtown Melbourne, specializes in various types of themed pottery but white birch vases are among
    her favorites.

    “The pop of raspberry red glaze on the inside make them ideal for a beautiful Christmas arrangement,” says Speer. “They come in many sizes and look wonderful together in varying heights.”

    Speer’s passion for this delicate line of work is displayed in each and every one of her masterpieces created. Place the vases down the center of the table next to your floral arrangement. This finishing touch will leave your
    guests speechless.

  3. By now, your table is looking sharp and just about complete. It’s missing one final element: drapes. Before you jump to conclusions and say there’s no time for a window treatment re-do project, consider this: your dining room window is, after all, a staple in itself and, with the help of Cindy Ursell at Design Drapes and Decor, you may just win the award for best-dressed dining room this holiday.

    Now, it’s time to go set your table and dining room!