Just a year after the term “selfie” was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013, the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery released a study that uncovered a fascinating trend. The research revealed that one in three facial plastic surgeons surveyed saw an increase in procedure inquiries based on patients being more self-aware of their looks due to selfies and social media.

The AAFPRS study indicated that image-based social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat force patients to examine their own likeness more than ever before. And because the images are often shared with friends and may be the first impression for a romantic interest, or even a prospective employer, many patients seek out cosmetic treatments so they can put their best face forward. The result? A 10% increase in rhinoplasty procedures, 7% increase in hair transplants and 6% more eyelid surgeries.

Here on the Space Coast, the team at Clevens Face and Body Specialists has experienced this phenomenon firsthand. “It’s absolutely true!” says practice founder Ross A. Clevens, MD, FACS. “Anyone who has ever asked a photographer to raise up a camera to capture the most flattering view can understand how our selfie culture might influence patients to seek out a cosmetic procedure. I’ve had patients show me their selfies and ask how they can improve their neck and chin contour. We also had a hair restoration patient admit that a photo taken outdoors in the sunlight drew his attention to his own hair loss and prompted him to explore options for a transplant.”

The study also noted an increase in the number of cosmetic patients under the age of 30, as well as an increasing number of men seeking injectables, surgical treatments and hair restoration. In response, the team at Clevens Face and Body Specialists has a unique approach to serving patients who are new to aesthetic medicine and want to know more about how to look and feel their best. “Many of our younger patients are very savvy consumers who seek us out after they’ve already started to research their options for nonsurgical procedures as a way to preserve their youthful features and delay the aging process,” says Dr. Clevens, an Ivy League trained Facial Plastic Surgeon who has practiced in Brevard County for more than 20 years. “Investing in such preventative care measures is known as ‘prejuvenation.’ Our specialists are experts at conducting full-face assessments, and we offer complimentary consultations to help patients understand their options to combine nonsurgical procedures such as injectables and laser treatments, along with a medical-grade skin care regimen to prevent or slow down many of the common signs of aging.”

Today’s cosmetic patients view aesthetic medicine as much more socially acceptable and consider their treatments as just another part of their own health and wellness routine. “Our patients are confident and accomplished men and women who are everyday people just like you and me,” says Amy Simon, MD, FACS. “Exploring options to look and feel their best is just one more way they’re taking care of themselves. It’s empowering!”

According to a study by Allergan, the maker of Botox, 69% of those surveyed reported that “looking my best is important for my daily activities, such as career, volunteering, and running errands” and 64% said “looking fit and healthy, and being on trend with fashion and beauty contributes to my confidence.”

“Our definition of beauty is expanding,” says Dr. Clevens. “Particularly with younger patients, the movement toward body-positivity means that, instead of trying to reach some unattainable ‘ideal’ state that’s the same for everyone, we meet men and women who simply want to preserve their own youthful appearance and celebrate or enhance what already makes them naturally attractive, just as they are. It’s also about outwardly projecting the beauty and youthful energy you feel within yourself, the self-assurance of being healthy, confident and strong.”

What Makes the “Specialists” So Special?
Although others may offer a similar set of services, no other plastic surgery group or medispa does it quite like Clevens Face and Body Specialists. And, what do they mean by “Specialists” you might ask? Some plastic surgeons work head to toe. They’re generalists. They might do a facelift once in a while, or a tummy tuck a few times a year. In contrast, the surgeons at Clevens Face and Body Specialists truly are experts in their specialty areas. As facial plastic surgery specialists, Dr. Clevens and Dr. Renata Khelemsky focus only on procedures such as facelift, eyelid lift and rhinoplasty. Dr. Simon, on the other hand, spends 100% of her time on breast and body contouring. “Focusing on areas of specialization means we do a higher volume of cases in our area of expertise and have more experience with these procedures than a general plastic surgeon typically would,” says Dr. Clevens. Translation: patients at Clevens Face and Body Specialists can have the confidence of knowing they’re choosing the most experienced providers around when having any cosmetic procedure performed at the practice. Studies show the more experience a surgeon has, the better their patient outcomes.

With more experience also comes the ability to develop innovative new techniques and contribute to your field. Dr. Clevens, for example, has created a center for learning at his practice by offering a competitive fellowship in facial plastic surgery and is currently hosting his fifth physician, Dr. Ricky Sayal, for a yearlong mentorship. Additionally, Dr. Clevens speaks around the world at meetings to educate other facial plastic surgeons about advancements in the field. In the past year, he’s lectured in Germany, Spain, Grand Cayman and across the U.S. in Miami, Orlando, Las Vegas, New Orleans and Beaver Creek, Colorado. This fall, he’ll travel to Amsterdam to be part of the invited faculty for the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery annual meeting.

To demonstrate their commitment to patient education, Clevens Face and Body Specialists is developing more content for their social media channels and digital platforms to cut through the noise and help consumers make informed decisions. “Patients are seeing a constant stream of procedures, results, ads and stories related to plastic surgery,” says Renata Khelemsky, MD. “The information is at everyone’s fingertips. Patients can now see in real-time what plastic surgery is all about. There are surgeons educating the public, and patients educating other patients. To some extent, this level of sharing can become overwhelming to a patient who is early in the research process. We have significantly increased engagement and contribute quality media that is accurate and honest. We are engaging patients in real time to demonstrate live surgeries and other office procedures.” The team also offers an online Q&A video library categorized by procedure at www.DrClevens.com and on YouTube to help prospective patients learn more.

The team at Clevens Face and Body Specialists also takes pride in how they’ve worked to refine the end-to-end patient experience, developing unique protocols to address many common patient concerns related to comfort, safety, cost, scarring and recovery time. “Many of our patients say they feel like family here, and they refer their own friends and loved ones,” says Dr. Clevens. “Our team members are incredibly passionate about patient care and the difference we make in the lives of others, so, to us, that’s the highest compliment.”

“Choosing a plastic surgeon is a very personal decision, and we take seriously the trust our patients have in us to listen to their concerns and help them achieve their cosmetic goals,” says Dr. Amy Simon. “I feel privileged to be part of my patients’ lives in this way.”

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What’s trending now in aesthetic medicine?

Clevens Instant Liquid Rhinoplasty
Drawing on his years of experience with the artistry of rhinoplasty, Dr. Clevens has developed a nonsurgical nose job to help patients get the nasal contour they’ve always wanted. He performs each personalized treatment using injectables to gently sculpt and reshape the nose. Results are immediate and long-lasting, and patients appreciate that they can “try out” a rhinoplasty affordably before committing to a surgical solution.

Breast Implant Exchange
Dr. Amy Simon stands out nationally in her field as a sought-after expert on the complex procedure known as breast implant exchange, with patients traveling across the country to have their surgery with her. Over time, many patients who once had a breast augmentation decide to replace their implants with new ones to resolve an issue, change their size, or upgrade to a more modern implant. Because every case is unique and challenging, Dr. Simon is seeing more and more patients for this popular procedure who seek out a physician with her specialized expertise.

CoolSculpting 2.0 + CoolTone
Clevens Face and Body Specialists is the only provider in the area to offer not one, but two FDA-cleared treatments for nonsurgical fat reduction. As the premier provider of CoolSculpting 2.0, the practice offers the most advanced technology for treatments, administered by a specially trained CoolSculpting Master clinician – one of only 250 nationally. The practice also has invested in two CoolSculpting devices to double-up and cut treatment times in half. This fall, the practice will be the first and only provider in Brevard to offer the new FDA-cleared CoolTone, a nonsurgical technology that pairs with CoolSculpting to deliver muscle toning along with fat reduction for optimal patient results.

Dr. Clevens’ signature nonsurgical facial rejuvenation solution, the C-LIFT, is an innovative procedure designed to restore volume, lift cheeks, smooth lines and wrinkles, give definition to the chin and jawline, and contour the upper neck region. This liquid facelift is customized for every patient, with no surgery and no downtime.