Health, wellness and longevity continue to be prominent factors in many peoples’ everyday lives.

We continuously see advertisement and celebrity endorsements on how a single pill, or a “magic” treatment can change your body and your mind for the better. The necessity to maintain and even enhance your nutrition, lifestyle and health is of the highest order; however, there’s no magic pill that does it all. What it takes is the education on numerous advanced practices and the knowledge of individual biochemistry. That is what provides the benefits that we all desire. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at Live Longer Medical.

Located in Indialantic, Owner and CEO of Live Longer Medical, Lisa Guyer, chose to settle on the Space Coast after exploring many locations and opportunities in Florida. “I liked this clinic because of its location in the middle of multiple major hubs,” said Guyer. As she continued, Guyer commented on the continuous demand around the nation for cutting edge, integrated treatments and therapies for people from all walks of life. Upon her arrival to the Space Coast, Guyer noted how special the area felt to her. The nature of the people and the communities around her have welcomed her with open arms, showing Guyer that she can provide her knowledge and share her expertise.

The team at Live Longer Medical faces illness and medicine head on with a multidisciplinary approach, allowing them to provide integrative paths to treat their patients. “We provide insurance-based, family practice medicine, but we are not limited by insurance mandated detail. In other words, we take a little more time and dig a little deeper to find the needle in the haystack. We look for the root cause of an illness or a disease and we focus on practices that are scientifically based in order to help treat our patients,” says Guyer.

Lisa Guyer Live Longer Medical
Photography: Jason Hook

“We give traditional a different twist. We’ve stepped out of the box and we’re giving medicine a higher look and a higher response.”

Live Longer Medical provides cutting edge technology, practices and knowledge to help you restore your health, vitality and to increase your longevity. Nutritional medicine, weight loss programs, anti-aging medicine, adjunctive cancer treatments, IV vitamin therapies, and even “Smart Drugs” which help improve your memory and IQ are some of the many available options. Not to mention the numerous other fantastic treatments and options that Guyer and her team provide! “We like to be very in the know as far as what’s out there and what’s new.” Guyer’s practice provides both insurance and cash-based visit methods, giving patients even more options to fit their needs and capabilities.

“We don’t believe in one size fits all. We really take the time to listen to our patients”

Live longer medical
Photography: Jason Hook

Guyer is very passionate about what she does. You can hear the passion in her voice when she speaks about helping others in her community. She genuinely wants to know you personally and find out what you want and need with regards to your health, wellness and body. “We don’t want to be a ‘Band-Aid’ caretaker. We want to get to the root of that illness to treat our patients.” By promoting lifestyle changes, Guyer is able to help patients restore their vitality and increase their longevity in numerous ways.

To maintain and expand on their experience and knowledge base, Guyer and her team attend multiple different training sessions throughout the year, always looking to pick up on a new skill or practice. “We want to continuously improve our knowledge base and our services. The newest, the latest, the greatest! We want to be the best in our area,” says Guyer. Guyer also attends at least three major conferences a year in addition to the online courses that she and her team take as refreshers and continuous improvement practices.

If that isn’t enough, Guyer comes to the Space Coast with over 20 years of experience in the medical field, treating over 200,000 patients. Those numbers attest to her knowledge and her ability to help our communities. Guyer has also treated professionals ranging from numerous athletic backgrounds to performers and to communities around the country. Guyer’s last practice, The Guyer Clinic in Indiana, even had a year-long wait time to be seen. “What sets us apart is that we’ve stepped out of the box. We’re focusing more intently on our individual patients and their unique needs.”

Integrating herself even more in the community, Guyer volunteers her time to speak to many community groups. She has personally spoken to members of the American Business Women’s Association, The Rotary Club and numerous other community support groups, with more to come. Within the next five years, Guyer plans to expand on her Indialantic location to open up several other practices around the area. She and her team also expect to continue searching for alternative treatments that can help people be their best selves. If you’re the kind of person who is looking for a premier, comprehensive care provider, then Lisa Guyer is ready to accept you with open arms.

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