[By Steven Hicks]

There has been a growing trend in our neighborhoods. Holiday lighting has taken a turn toward the amazing. Drive down a street at dusk any time in October, and you’ll see the beginnings of this year’s holiday lighting season.

To be sure, we’re not just talking about the red, green and blue lights associated with traditional Christmas lighting, but often oranges and purples for Halloween and Thanksgiving displays. But besides starting earlier, and for more holidays, the lights themselves have seen a resurgence with the application of technology. What were once fragile glass bulbs in strings, tangled in a ball in your garage, are now the latest in L.E.D. technology, more durable, and much more energy efficient. You will no longer have to hunt for that one bulb that keeps the entire string from working. Can we get a Hallelujah on that?

George Stoll is a master of this new technology. And his company, Merry & Bright, LLC, is using our neighborhoods as the canvas for his art. He is as meticulous as he is visionary. He can see what your home can become and gets very excited talking to you about the process. Some of us love the look of a well-lighted home for the holidays and look forward each year to dragging out the boxes of lights and wreaths; others love the result much

We realize that October may seem a bit early to be discussing holiday lighting for your home, but Stoll’s calendar fills up fast and we would hate for you to miss a chance to get this done for your home.

more than all the work involved. For those of us in that latter group, Merry & Bright is the answer. “We want you to feel happy as you drive up to your beautifully decorated home,” Stoll said. “We design, install, remove, store and maintain all of your decorations, making it a safe and hassle-free season.” 

Stoll will walk your yard with you and toss out ideas he’ll see and describe them to you. You’ll begin to see his vision for your home. Add what you like, offer your own ideas and colors; he’s completely open to all of that to get the best result. He’ll then disappear for a few days and return with his crew to install the lights, wreaths, garlands, and even Christmas trees. His team is small yet professional, often totaling only 3-4 including himself, and within minutes your home will be a buzz of ladders and activity. Like any other art, there are special tools and hardware that he uses to make the installation faster and better than you could ever do. They’ll hang giant wreaths and then light them. They’ll pull lights across vast expanses of roofline, all perfectly spaced and secured. Timers are added, and cords are hidden. Within a few hours he is done, and the result is a marvel to behold. This is not an inexpensive proposition, but to those who love the look but not the work, it is worth every nickel, and remember, you aren’t the one hanging high in the air off the ladder. It includes the lights. After the season, his crew returns to take down your lights, packing them in convenient totes that he stores for you until next year. “I love the holidays and what it means to so many people.  We want to light up the Space Coast so that people want to bring their friends and family home to share in the magic of the season.”

You will get compliments as well. Cars will slow down as they drive by to see what you’ve done to your home, and that is always nice. His work is that spectacular. The architectural details of your home are often accentuated by his designs, as are windows, and even landscaping. Somehow it elevates the holiday feeling when you pull into your driveway at night, and the house is lighted and waiting for you.

George Stoll
Merry & Bright
321-210-5066 | www.makingseasonsbright.com