pieBy Rebekah Duntz


Joan Flavin, owner of Joan’s Perfect Pie Shop

Tucked into a small, quiet courtyard in the Eau Gallie Arts District is a surprise indulgence, Joan’s Perfect Pie Shop, a locally owned gourmet pie shop.

“I started making pies seven years ago from my house,” said Joan Flavin, owner of Joan’s Perfect Pie Shop. “I went to a commissary kitchen, and then came here.”

Now in the business for about four years, she was recently awarded second place for her almond joy pie at the National Pie Championships in Celebration. The sweet delight blends coconut, chocolate and almonds into a pie that’s sinfully delicious.

She now bakes over 20 different pies, including the bestselling chocolate peanut butter pie. The most unusual are blueberry piña colada pie and the hard-to-find strawberry rhubarb pie.

“My favorite part is the people that come in here,” said Joan. “They’re happy.”

When first walking in, photos, paintings, awards and art line the wall, and most are all items that customers bring for her. Someone even brought back a vintage cash register for her from Paris.

“Customers bring stuff in. People come out of their way to come here,” said Joan with a grin. “People call and order. We’re always busy during the holidays. Holidays are always fun.”

During the holidays, all the refrigerators are full with pies and Joan and her employees almost can’t make them fast enough for their customers.

Every first Friday of the month, the Eau Gallie Arts District has a Friday Art Walk. Many of the museums, art galleries, shops and restaurants stay open, including Joan’s Perfect Pie Shop, as people browse around. Usually people can’t resist stopping in and getting a fresh pie.

What are some of the pies? Any one you can imagine — they have. The lucky Irish pie features macadamia nuts and chocolate in a rich filling, laced with Bailey’s Irish Cream. “The leprechauns made us do it!” her website jokes.

Another tasty concoction is the salted caramel pecan pie, which has rich pecan studded brownie-like filling, drizzled with gooey homemade salted caramel sauce. This is a popular pie among her customers, as well. The derby pie has chocolate, walnuts and a hint of bourbon.

Key lime, pumpkin and coconut cream pie, to name a few more, and if you aren’t hungry yet — visit her menu and shop yourself at JoansPerfectPie.com or 1478 B Highland Ave., Melbourne.