Impatiens are an easy way to add an array of color to your garden, and with a little TLC impatiens can last up to 6 months. For full robust impatiens it is important to focus on 3 elements; location, water and fertilizer.

Location: Impatiens that grow in full and partial shade are easier to establish, however they can withstand partial sun with the right amount of water. Impatiens are versatile and can work in many different places in your garden, including containers and window boxes as they cascade beautifully over the side.

Water: It is important to keep soil moist, and overdoing it can be just as bad as under-doing it. Impatiens will wilt without the right amount of moisture, and your sprinkler might not do the job on its own. Hand watering is best for impatiens.

Fertilizer: One of the best things you can do to ensure healthy impatiens is using a high quality time-release fertilizer. The best fertilizers to use are ones with flat formulations and are not high in nitrogen. Fertilizers are labeled with 3 numbers, the first is nitrogen content, 2nd phosphorus, and the 3rd is potassium. So the best bet would be lower numbers such as 10-10-10 (which is fairly common) compared to 25-10-10.

The fun you can have with impatiens…

Impatiens can add more than just color to your garden, with multiple uses; impatiens can add a touch of color in many different ways!

Impatiens are edible, and with a slightly sweet taste, they are a great way to add some fun to otherwise ordinary dishes and spreads. Here are 10 great ways to use impatiens for your entertaining needs.

Sprinkle Your Salads Top your salads with a garnish of impatiens. Perfect for white salads such as potato salad, the color contrast will add a special touch for your guests!
Keep it Cool Freeze impatiens in ice cubes to add color to that luncheon water, or evening cocktail.
Make a wish Use impatiens as a cake decoration for a birthday cake, cupcakes or a summer dessert like strawberry shortcake
Spike the Punch! Float a variety of impatiens in the party punch bowl for some fun
Party Time Going to a cook-out or dinner party and looking for that perfect gift? Try something different with a homemade marinade; float impatiens in the bottle to add a personal touch.
Summer Fun Pool party! If you don’t want to jump in to cool off, make some great pineapple juice pops with a touch of impatiens color.
Cup of Tea? Place impatiens on saucers for a decoration, or place directly in the tea as a decorative garnish.
A Sprinkle of This Carry the look throughout, sprinkle petals along your buffet or place settings to tie the whole look together.
Grill Master With summer barbeques on the horizon, add a dash of color to grilled vegetables such as squash or zucchini. Stick on kabobs after they are cooked for some fun color.
Fun for Kids Pre make some Jell-o on a cookie sheet for a children’s party, then allow the youngsters to go to the garden and pick their own impatiens to decorate their dessert; get creative with cookie cutters, allowing kids to really personalize their treats.

Gardner’s Tip:

If you decide to plant your impatiens in a pot or container, make sure to get them out of the rain, potted impatiens will have more trouble in heavy or constant rain.