By Tom Kirk

Do you spend as much time as you would like on what is most important to you?

For most people, the answer to

this question is no. There are so many things vying for our attention that we often go from one to the other based on which one is screaming the loudest at the time without really thinking about what we are perhaps ignoring. If this goes on for too long our quality of life can suffer. The following are steps you can take to achieve improved balance in your life. First ask yourself: “What things in life are most important to me?”

Answers to this question often include: good health; strong relationships with loved ones; spirituality; and having fun. These answers are not surprising. Without good health, we really can’t do anything; without strong relationships, we don’t have anyone to do anything with; without spirituality our life can lack purpose; and without having fun, life can be a bore.

Next ask yourself: “Am I spending as much time as I would like in the areas I just identified as most important to me?” Do you work out, cultivate your relationships, pray and enjoy recreation as much as you would like to?

Again, if you are like most people, the answers will be no. And here’s the rub: You can’t hire someone to do these important things for you. You can’t pay someone to go to the gym for you. You can’t pay someone to teach your kids to love you. You can’t pay someone to read spiritual literature for you. You can’t pay someone to go on a vacation for you. You have to do these things yourself if you want to experience them. But you can pay someone to help you manage the important details of your financial life. There are only 168 hours in a week. Every hour you spend reading the financial news, researching the stock and bond markets, tracking your investments, and worrying if you are making smart decisions about your money takes away from the time you could spend on areas of your life that are perhaps even more important to you than money.

You can’t afford to ignore your finances. Finding someone you can trust who will collaborate with you to help you create the life you dream about can give you back the time you want to spend in other important areas of your life.

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This article appears in the August 2015 issue of SpaceCoast Living.
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