A Brevard ‘Extreme Makeover’

It’s no secret that America – including Brevard County – has been through its trials and tribulations over the last few years. But from these hard times come stories of hope that remind us why we are proud to call the Space Coast our home.

The KLD Youth Foundation was launched in 2002 with a vision “to effectively equip generations in need.” Started by Kevin Deaton, his wife Lindsey, and foster mother Janet Shaffer, KLD offers resources, such as supervised after school activities and youth mentoring, to equip, enhance and empower this generation. With this vision, Deaton and his family have inspired many in Brevard County. Not only are the Deaton’s dedicated to their cause, they are also dedicated to their family life.

Extreme Makeover

Inspired by the work and love of the Deaton family, contractor Christopher Burton and his team paired with vendors from Brevard County to give back to the Deaton/Shaffer family, just as they have given to our community. Burton and fellow professionals led a Brevard “Extreme Makeover,” finding a house and transforming it into a home for the growing Deaton clan, giving them a solid base to run their charity.

“Chris has just expanded my vocabulary. ‘Thank you’ runs so much deeper now than it ever did before,” said Shaffer after she walked into her family’s new home. “I’m just speechless; we feel so blessed.”

Speechless is right, even in hard times Burton led a team to build a beautiful home for the family, showing that people still find it in them to open their hearts and give back to their community. As Kevin Deaton and his family walked into their new house, enthusiastic yells rang from all of those lucky enough to share with them; they simply exclaimed, “Welcome home!”

Stepping Up

These local vendors donated their products and services to help the Deaton family:

  • Absolute Automation
  • Alpine Foam
  • American Door & Millwork
  • Christopher Burton Homes
  • Classic Kitchens of Brevard
  • Classic Wood Flooring
  • Corinthian Marble
  • Custom Glass & Mirror
  • Custom Sod
  • Ferguson Enterprises
  • Ken’s Custom Gutters
  • Melbourne Architectural
  • Musalo’s Door & Trim
  • ProBuild
  • Renaissance Painting
  • TH Carpentry
  • United Irrigation of IHB
  • Wagner Pavers