Dr. Mauricio J. Castellon leads the fight against breast cancer through restoration. According to The American Cancer Society, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer during her lifetime. It is an unfortunate fact that most of us have experienced breast cancer firsthand; whether we are stricken with it ourselves or have supported a loved one who has been diagnosed. Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Mauricio J. Castellon of Melbourne battles this disease by seeking to restore what is too often taken away.

1410.Dawn&Charlotte-7876-EditCharlotte Wienckoski was diagnosed in June of last year and three weeks later she had a mastectomy. Even with only three short weeks to prepare, she still took the time to research doctors and options before making any decision.

“When your life is in someone’s hands, it is much more intense,” Charlotte said. “Dr. Castellon has a true passion and real gift for (treating) breast cancer patients and survivors.”

After meeting with Dr. Castellon and speaking with some of his other patients, she knew she had found the best surgeon for her procedure. Most patients diagnosed with breast cancer have the option of reconstruction following their mastectomy. Dr. Castellon and his staff explain the reconstructive process in detail and make sure that their patients are aware of all of their options.  This knowledge empowers them as they transition through a difficult situation. The silver lining is that some patients don’t even know that breast reconstruction and augmentation, nipple reconstruction, and even areola tattooing are all procedures that are covered by most health insurances.

While breast reconstruction is a personal choice, there are options available. Dawn Russo knew that reconstruction was “nonnegotiable.” As the district manager of Imperial Salon and Spa, she met one of Dr. Castellon’s patients who told her about her experience with Dr. Castellon and his entire staff.

“She was so open and free and speaking with her made me so at ease,” Dawn said.

“I knew Dr. Castellon had to do my surgery after I saw how amazing she looked and after she told me what an incredible experience she had with him and his entire staff,” said Dawn.

Making breast reconstruction accessible to patients is at the core of what Dr. Castellon hopes to give back. Many cosmetic surgeons devote only 10 to 20 percent of their time to insurance cases and cancer reconstruction. In contrast, Dr. Castellon dedicates substantially more of his time to his breast cancer patients.  He creates an open schedule for women who come directly from mastectomies, thus making the process quick and easy so that they can return to their natural beauty with little time in between. In essence, this level of care reflects the same atmosphere as a cancer care center, in which all patients are supported and accommodated.

Dr. Castellon is a proven expert at the challenge of creating the visual and tangible external representation of femininity with only skin and muscle.

“The immediate gratification seen in a thankful patient’s face after creating something deeply important to her with the foresight of proper surgical planning is art in itself,” said Dr. Castellon. His patients agree, “I’ve never felt better, stronger or more confident,” said Charlotte.




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