Promote a Healthy Immune System

By Judy Piersall

One of my personal go-to products is thieves oil. It wards off all sorts of germs and is intended to promote a healthy immune system. How did thieves oil come to be? Why such a strange name? While there are several versions of the story, the one common denominator is the bubonic plague. One version of the story is from 15th century, as the plague was becoming an epidemic in Europe and Asia. As that version goes, four thieves who were known for robbing infected dead bodies of their possessions never contracted the disease themselves. When captured and tried for their crimes, a judge offered them leniency if they would share how they could come in contact with all those bodies but not get sick. The thieves revealed that they’d rub their bodies with a concoction of oils. Hence the name, thieves oil. We know now that the oil is a combination of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus radiata and rosemary.

Being in the public and having contact with people as a flight attendant, fighting germs is imperative. Thieves oil supports my body’s natural defenses against germs from all sources, and I even put it on right before I go to an event where I know I’ll be shaking lots of hands. We’re in the middle of cold and flu season now, but I use thieves oil throughout the year. My whole family uses it now as well. I’ll rub a couple of drops into the soles of my bare feet every day (our pores are larger on the soles of our feet). This essential oil can also be used in a diffuser in your home. It is readily available online or in stores like GNC or Target, but check the efficacy of the thieves oil you’re considering – all are not created equal. I order online from a bulk apothecary.

My personal choice is to avoid flu shots, so I rely on thieves oil to help in the fight against viruses. I’m not saying this should be your choice, but after getting a flu shot every year for 7-8 years, I was having symptoms that prompted my integrative medicine doctor (everyone should have one of these!) to run a metals test on me. The test showed that my body was riddled with metals. The first question the doctor asked me was, “Have you been getting the flu shot?”  Metal overload is common from the flu shot, and most people are unaware of this. That was four years ago, and I decided against getting the shot again.

Counting my blessings, I rarely get sick, which is amazing considering my career choice. But when I do get sick, it’s not for long. Let’s face it: it’s okay to be sick every so often. It’s the only way our immune systems stay fit – they need a good fight in order to stay strong.

These are my personal choices, often against conventional norms, and my choices are not intended to give medical advice or discourage people from seeking it.

Until next month…here’s to healthy living and remember you always have choices.