Meet VNA Space Coast’s Ostomy Specialist, Linda Kubiak.

With over 40 years’ experience in wound care, VNA Space Coast is fortunate to have Kubiak, a wound ostomy management specialist, as part of their team. Passionate about empowering wound and ostomy patients to learn how to confidently care for themselves, Kubiak was inspired to transition to full-time ostomy care after her best friend underwent an ostomy procedure. “She did not have the help she needed,” Kubiak said, when asked why she made the transition. “It made me realize there is a need that is not being met.”

Since then, Kubiak has been working with VNA Space Coast for over five years. “I like helping people get the care they need,” she said. “It’s important to teach them to own their condition and their care process. Once a patient realizes they can handle their own care, their confidence increases, and so does their quality of life.” Kubiak is one of few ostomy specialists in Brevard County, and sees patients from Barefoot Bay
to Titusville.

Wound Ostomy Management Specialist

VNA Home Health

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