SAVI SCOUT and Brevera Biopsy System allows surgeons to find exact location of cancerous cells.

Health First Cancer Institute is now featuring SAVI SCOUT, a radar localization system. Featured on Good Morning America, SAVI SCOUT makes lumpectomies (or partial removal of the breast) easier for patients and surgeons. It offers:
  • ▪ Greater precision and efficiency in breast health surgery
  • ▪ Reduced wait times, enhanced patient satisfaction and advanced treatment
  • ▪ Safe, precise identification of location of breast tumors
  • ▪ First in Brevard County
  • ▪ Wireless – the size of a grain of rice
The Brevera Biopsy System is also new technology for the Health First Breast Center. This system streamlines the entire breast biopsy process from start to finish – with real-time imaging for instant verification and automated post-biopsy specimen handling. It offers:
  • ▪ Fast biopsy procedures
  • ▪ Maintains sample integrity from patient to pathology
  • ▪ Improved sample identification
  • ▪ First in Brevard County
  • ▪ Advanced tissue handling automatically separates samples
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