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For most people, spending hours shopping for a new floor isn’t the textbook definition of a good time. Often, there are simply too many choices. Or the store’s flooring samples are scattered around the showroom without much rhyme or reason.

That’s why Great Southeast Flooring America has changed the way its clients shop for flooring, making it simpler and more time-efficient than ever before. Room to Explore is a new showroom concept that aims to revolutionize the shopping experience.

 “Whether it’s hard-surface floors or carpet, we’ve made the process effortless and more enjoyable,” said Nelson Green, president of Great Southeast Flooring America.

Room to Explore features innovative displays that put easy floor selection at the shopper’s fingertips. Hardwood, laminate, vinyl plank and vinyl tile samples are arranged by color, making it easy to compare and select.

Then you can scan the sample at the digital display module where room scenes, specs and warranty information appear on screen. Floors that are waterproof and pet-proof are clearly marked.

Carpet samples in Room to Explore are arranged by style type: Statements, Character, Timeless and Casual, letting you quickly home in on the look you want. Like in the hard surface section, you can scan the sample to get room scenes and other information.

“With just a few taps, you can compare your choices and make an informed decision quickly,” said Green. “It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before and it’s exclusive to Flooring America.”

But what if you don’t like your floor once it’s installed? “Our Adore Your Floor program takes care of that,” said Green. “Flooring America is so convinced its clients will love their new floor that it gives you a grace period in case you change your mind.”

For example, floors with a 25-year warranty give clients 30 days to contact the store and have a different floor installed — at no extra cost except for any upgrades. Other floors have even longer times: the 35-year warranty gives clients 60 days to change their minds and the 50-year warranty, 120 days.*

“With help from our knowledgeable sales people, clients like their new floors so much that we’ve hardly ever had someone call us back to change it out,” Green said. “But the option is there to give peace of mind. If the floor doesn’t seem to work with the room, you aren’t forced to live with it. You won’t find that option at other stores!”

“It’s just our way of guaranteeing our clients will love their new floors,” he added. “And they do!”

*See store for details.

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