Gifts of Health

For months we have been saying that Christmas is right around the corner – well, here it is!  Are you done with your shopping yet?  This season, why not consider showing your loved ones just how much you care by giving them something to foster their health and fitness.

Heart Rate Monitor – A great gift for exercisers at any level.  There is a monitor for every price range and every situation (I’ve seen them as low as $35 to over $200 for the tech minded person).  New exercisers learn how to get the most from their workouts without overdoing it, and veterans can learn to push to a whole new intensity.  Utilizing age, resting heart rate, and desired level of intensity, a heart rate monitor makes training personal, efficient, and effective.

Personal Training – Okay, some might say I am biased here – but for many personal training gets them to the gym and ensures each workout is challenging and effective.  Learning the correct way to perform exercises and structure a routine is important, and a trainer can introduce new moves that will make exercising more fun and effective. Get creative. Some trainers specialize in activities such as yoga, zumba, or martial arts.  An in home trainer is great for someone intimidated by a gym or with a busy schedule.

Bicycles – From beach cruisers to high performance road bikes, there is a frame for everyone.  We live in Florida – this is a beautiful time of year to hit the road.  Bikes can get the whole family moving together.  Most local bike shops can point you in the direction of organized groups and rides.

Get a Garmin –Garmin is a company that creates GPS technology for, among other things, fitness.  There are Garmin watches for everything from cycling and running to golf.  Garmin watches give real time information to cyclists and runners about speed or pace, distance traveled and heart rate.  Some can be synched to the user’s computer to provide more training information or track progress over time.

Wii Fit – I am not much of a gamer, nor do I believe that someone already involved in a structured exercise plan would find the Wii a substitute for a workout. The Wii fit can be a great way to introduce someone who has traditionally resisted a regular exercise plan to begin working out. Childhood obesity is on the rise and physical education is on the decrease – the Wii may be an interesting option to get everyone in the house moving together.